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That would be me
I mean, if you're emailing about an item from like 4 years ago, I'm not sure what kind of response you'd get beyond "look on ebay, grailed etc."??
Good question. But I have an OG Robert Geller seconds t-shirt from like 2009 that looks a lot like that - sleeve detail, neck, pocket square.In terms of recent RG seconds, I haven't been too impressed. Mainline so much better.
Barneys in NY still had Geller in store last season.
Notre going all in with the dip dyes, bold move. Price point so much lower, those should sell. Maybe it's just notre because Acrimony pricing on their zipper hoodie is way higher. Actually like all those pieces, but Lukas bomber so pricey.
Stalker alert 👆
If you own it, why is this a question?
lol at that chambray tee
I concur with the comments about bottoms - black sells and you need to stock 44. Nomad had good success selling the easy pants and skinny jeans in black. In terms of upcoming buys, I'd be interested in almost any of his loungier pants or denim in black (or another dark colour).
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