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Me too
New Type 1's skinnier than all
Real weird to see all those jazz shoes pop up. Not really my style anymore, would've been all over it back in the day.As for those suede boots with the zip at the back, those are super rare too. I sold mine, they were a little too unstructured for me and felt like booties.
Yeah, it's bizarre.The tee's used to retail for $115...then $125...then $135....now $208? Far as I can tell, material is exactly the same. I'm glad I have about 5 charcoal Geller t's already, though this one is dope with the front and back graphic.
Guys, why the hell is the hanseatic tshirt like $208 bucks? I don't get it. It looks like a regular Geller graphic t....
That's the one I sold you? Glad to hear you're enjoying it man. Awesome piece.I used it to fund an Emile hooded bomber so I'm happy too.
How does the Five Four collab bomber fit? Bigger than normal Geller I'm guessing? Wondering if I'd need a small or medium...
They've been up for 5 months
Definitely very weird. I remember that dip dye sold well too, Nomad sold out quick and re-stocked.
Yep, that one is oversized. It's great.
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