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]Did I say there was anything wrong with it?
Geller rocking an Apple watch in that interview? He normally do that or is that an apple induced plug?
Always liked that sweater, I have the short sleeve cousin from the same season in a 44 (sized down) and it's still giant.
Lost the bidding war for the Tatras scarf this morning. If somebody on here got it, let me know if it doesn't work out.
Yeah, but it's white
Nomad has a couple Seconds tees, two mainline hoodies and a white button down shirt. All priced accordingly to reflect our shitty dollar.
Ssense is doing fine. They charged lower prices to all you US guys because the Canadian dollar is insanely low. Canadian sale wasn't nearly as good.
I'll try to take one, they fit cropped on me which I dig.I went TTS because that's all they had left and was not expecting them to fit...but they did. If I sized up, I would've been happy as well I think.
Not that I know of. I just got mine today and they are great.
Push up or cut off the sleeves and layer with a tank?
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