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Unworn unhemmed what? Not sure why or how somebody would hem flight pants
What you bidding on?
T-shirt wise, I haven't been happy with Seconds recently. Ditto for some of the sweatshirts. Had some success with the sweatpants though, I think this season might be a return to form. It kind of varies. There's no reason to ever pay retail for Geller Seconds though.
Dope look. I have last Fall's version, which I've been tying at the front. Might try the wide open look now.
Yeah, those don't count.
They are.
That is a great shirt, one of my faves from SS15.
Patience. Maybe just wait for SS15 version? Though I gotta admit the thicker material of this Falls seems to elevate that shit to another level.
Pics please
I'm not even sure a North American stockist picked up any of the tee's in any colour beyond Charcoal? Which sucks bc I have like 5 Geller charcoal t-shirts already
New Posts  All Forums: