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Chelsea boots are listed for $980 Canadian....WTF
What color you debating? I got no leads. Not seeing much of the purple colorway around in any of the tees.
Unworn unhemmed what? Not sure why or how somebody would hem flight pants
What you bidding on?
T-shirt wise, I haven't been happy with Seconds recently. Ditto for some of the sweatshirts. Had some success with the sweatpants though, I think this season might be a return to form. It kind of varies. There's no reason to ever pay retail for Geller Seconds though.
Dope look. I have last Fall's version, which I've been tying at the front. Might try the wide open look now.
Yeah, those don't count.
They are.
That is a great shirt, one of my faves from SS15.
Patience. Maybe just wait for SS15 version? Though I gotta admit the thicker material of this Falls seems to elevate that shit to another level.
New Posts  All Forums: