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It's that time of year again where we all try to talk ourselves into buying Seconds pieces to bum around in. Must resist...and save for Fall mainline...
Love this jacket. Bought the blue denim version off Melo in a 46 and I can confirm it fits uber small. A 48 would work better for me. But alas I already have a Geller black denim jacket and will resist for now...
Yeah, I mean, obviously I still like the Tatras. But Tarmac has a better cut, inside pocket, nicer details etc. Agreed that the Tarmac price point is too high. I'll keep both but wear the Tarmac more.
Copped the Tatras bomber at 70% off. Which means I'm now a member of the Tarmac and Tatras bomber club. Tarmac is way better.
Tatras and Tarmac are different bombers.I'm happy with my Tarmac sleeves relative to length. Tatras looks like it fits much shorter (too short?) in the sleeves.
Yeah, I concur. I went TTS and could've sized down but they still work for me.
For me, they were.
Damn, Forward slashed that dipdye price super low and then it sold. A 50 still left. Dirt cheap.
Lost & Found is great customer experience. They do haircuts there now too. Too bad they don't carry Geller anymore - they love the brand, but it didn't really fit with the rest of their brands.
Monks 70% on ssense. Get at it.
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