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Yeah I have it. Fits TTS but slim so you could size up if you want to layer. Leather is uber soft lamb. It's padded, so warmer than most Geller leathers. Colour is cool. Details are nice - cuff, back buttons. PM me if you want to know more.
Fuzzy sweater so good. Looks good on you.I wish that knit crewneck wasn't so cream, otherwise it would be perfect.
How does the Alexander fit? TTS or size up? Looks slim.
Lay it flat, it's basically a knit. I treat my Richards like sweaters.
Thomas coat is a star. Love that piece.
Oliver wouldn't be super warm, no. More of a Fall jacket, couldn't handle Canadian winters.
Watches used in SS15 runway show. Don't believe it's a collab though?
I can say that last fall's long shirt was roomier than the normal plaid version. ie I'd be a 48 in the normal plaid and a 46 in the long. I think that holds true for this fall too.You might be okay.
Alright, who sniped me on that padded N-3 bomber in a 48 off Yahoo Japan? I know it fits oversized, but I wanted it to layer this winter...ugh
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