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Guys, not the same.Grey Boucle Richard$645 Canadian$520 USGrey Melange Robert$775 Canadian$625 USUS dollar is strong, so Ssense is jacking their Canadian price. Which means no Geller for me...
First Fall drop is on ssense. Not sure about the US prices, but the Canadian prices are insane ($645 for a Richard blazer :)
http://www.vice.com/read/menswear-designer-robert-geller-talks-new-york-kanye-and-the-future-456 Has anything good come from it? What I love about it is the forums. I've met so many people who wear Robert Geller who are on StyleForum or StyleZeitgeist or SuperFuture. Some of these people live in a small town and have a huge collection. This guy Eric—he probably has close to 250 Robert Geller pieces, and he's living in Ohio. He's the man. People probably think he's totally...
I see somebody on Grailed is buying Geller pieces of Yahoo and selling them for jacked up prices before they even arrive in hand: http://*****************/listings/125247-robert-geller-knitted-melange-sweater Hope it's not anybody on this board...hate when people outbid me on stuff when they aren't ever intending on wearing the piece.
These links actually working for you?
I can second that, it's oversized. I have a small and I'm normally 46/48 and it's slouchy on me with long arms. I really like it as a lightweight sweater though.
I'm not really going to give them credit. From an American IP, the discounts are completely different than from my Canadian IP. Geller isn't even on Sale in Canada and there's already a difference in price to account for the exchange rate.Regardless, I still copped some CPs, so there's that. But Ssense does not get credit. Website is barely functional right now.
Only in the US....no sale on Geller for Canadian customers....wtf
Generally pretty similar, though it can vary. I wear same size in most GellerxCP collabs as I do in the Achilles, but sometimes the dress shoes are a little tight at first.
That would be me
New Posts  All Forums: