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Length was a tad too short for my liking. I would need to size up to correct that, but then it'd be big in the chest. Plus, didn't love the way it draped - mohair just kind of hangs there, would rather it be another material.
Geller Chunky knit sweater would be nice in a 46 or 48. Or the Richard.Fok, I'll stop by on the Friday.
Isn't it just in Barney's Co-op on whatever floor that is? Always been there.
Haha. Amazing. I'm sure he has a stylist though, but possibly not.I remember back in like 2010 Drake rocking the Geller dipdye hoodie.
Field jacket Fall 2008 was my first Geller purchase. Still wear it, it's in great shape.
Chelsea boots are listed for $980 Canadian....WTF
What color you debating? I got no leads. Not seeing much of the purple colorway around in any of the tees.
Unworn unhemmed what? Not sure why or how somebody would hem flight pants
What you bidding on?
New Posts  All Forums: