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Sneakers are just alright for me, but I can see the appeal. I wouldn't pay that much for them though. Opinions differ on the single monk creepers - but they have sold well at retail and gotten a lot of positive buzz, so I'd say it's a hit. He's had some real clunkers over the years though. Thinking about those creeper loafers in particular.
I would say the single monk is a hit though.
He has, but not matte black every year. Those ones are tougher to come by.
Only Geller glasses this year are the style on ssense. Not sure if he'll be doing the Marcellos again.
Actually some crazy deals this early in the season. Too bad the 46's are sold out in both pieces I'm interested in.
lol. This question amuses me.Completely different. Longer, roomier, slouchier, much large neck. And 1000% better.
@Melbush, I assume you're the one who outbid me?
Tatras bomber actually reasonably priced compared to the Tarmac bomber. Ssense buy shaping up nicely now.
Haha I accidently shrunk a Geller shirt and gave it to my gf. Might have to get in on the #gellersingirl instagram soon.
Woah, that was quick. I fully expect all stores to sell out at retail on those. Lots of hype.
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