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Shipping from Canada to the US is very expensive. Canada Post is the worst.
Looks good, that color is so sick. Just wish Geller fit me better, that top block is just too loose for me.
I wore mine with the front tied up and mostly with something layered over it (pullover hoodie or sweater, denim jacket, cardigan). This Falls is thicker material, which lends itself better to wearing it wide open with a longer t-shirt I think.
You better cop soon if you want the grey. Nomad already sold out (except for the 52).This season....so fuckin' good....just strong all around.
Haha Tikwid is gonna hang onto that Geller stuff till their going out of business sale.
Nomad had the white. It went to like 50% off before selling.
Dark green looks good
It's that time of year again where we all try to talk ourselves into buying Seconds pieces to bum around in. Must resist...and save for Fall mainline...
Love this jacket. Bought the blue denim version off Melo in a 46 and I can confirm it fits uber small. A 48 would work better for me. But alas I already have a Geller black denim jacket and will resist for now...
Yeah, I mean, obviously I still like the Tatras. But Tarmac has a better cut, inside pocket, nicer details etc. Agreed that the Tarmac price point is too high. I'll keep both but wear the Tarmac more.
New Posts  All Forums: