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Find a dark purple pen or something and just fill it in a bit so that it's not noticeable? I know that sounds ghetto, but I did that with one of my geller tshirts and have been wearing it for years since. You just can't wash it anymore though...
How you like the daniels? they seemed a little out there to me with the giant zips and no back pockets.
There's two, I own them both. The darker one (more common) and then a light one (Nomad had it).
Someone should jump on that clasp parka.
I heard somebody got the shoes for a kiss.
Skinny as fuck below the knee.
Price point definitely a challenge for me these days. Glad I have so much old Geller stuff, but the Canadian dollar plus higher price point has pushed things to be 40% higher than they used to be. Just means I have no chance at hot items like bombers.
What was the new stuff?
If you want tons of fit pics, creep through the Nomad pics for Fear of God. A lot of them are styled with Geller CPs and Geller jeans.
There was another 43 late last night...that I copped.
New Posts  All Forums: