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There was another 43 late last night...that I copped.
https://www.eastdane.com/checkered-dress-shirt-robert-geller/vp/v=1/1543614511.htm?folderID=31177&colorId=12894 crazy price for a solid piece. I copped a 48
If anybody is selling their Taupe bballs in 42/43/44, hit me up
I'll chime in since I have 6 Geller leathers. Fritz is a pretty good one, soft and a good early spring or fall jacket. Not sure why it bounces around so much, but it's pretty versatile for me.
I have them in black. Sheen was my concern as well, but they are pretty sick. Nice relaxed fit with taper near the bottom.Not sure I would want the blue though - black sheen is different than a blue sheen.
Tank trousers are definitely a "I'm going to wear these when it's effin cold out" pant. I loved them for the Toronto winter, kept me warmer than anything else.Cord bracelet looks good.
We are talking the overcoat with the leather lapel?I had the black one, but flipped it, as I liked the Dominik coat and Thomas coat better. It's still great.
Me too
New Type 1's skinnier than all
Real weird to see all those jazz shoes pop up. Not really my style anymore, would've been all over it back in the day.As for those suede boots with the zip at the back, those are super rare too. I sold mine, they were a little too unstructured for me and felt like booties.
New Posts  All Forums: