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I want one, but don't think it's worth $150. Could cop proper Geller hoodie for that. They are dope though.
Speaking of robos, I should sell mine, as I never wear it. It's a black one in size 46, pretty great condition. PM if you're interested, it's too small on me.
Does luisaviaroma ever do sales codes on regular price stuff anymore? It's been awhile. Otherwise looking to save a small amount on a Saint Laurent wallet. Let me know if anyone knows a site with a deal.
Pretty thin surface I'd say.
It's lightweight, but still pretty warm. I've been using it to layer with leather jackets over button downs and it's working out well.
Find a dark purple pen or something and just fill it in a bit so that it's not noticeable? I know that sounds ghetto, but I did that with one of my geller tshirts and have been wearing it for years since. You just can't wash it anymore though...
How you like the daniels? they seemed a little out there to me with the giant zips and no back pockets.
There's two, I own them both. The darker one (more common) and then a light one (Nomad had it).
Someone should jump on that clasp parka.
I heard somebody got the shoes for a kiss.
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