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I could squeeze it into an envelope via maxi-envelope registered mail for 26 euros but there's no insurance. The secure alternative would be as a package with insurance and tracking for 35 euros. You're eligible for tax exemption from here so we take 19% off the price of the item and then add the shipping costs. Of course there's a chance that you may have to pay duties when it gets to NYC.
I stock it but only have small and medium left. I have the Harrison in large though, if that helps. Howlin
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six Stepping away from my usual taper in pants. I don't think the no break works so well with the width of those trousers. I'm not sure what the "rule" is but a true straight leg with (what seems to be) a fuller cut would look better with a break IMO.
There's snow everywhere and I'm wearing hideous grey rubber duckie sorels. Absolutely no vis. And why did I feel a need to share this?
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Certainly stiff on the outside, but incredibly has a nice quilted lining that helps. What about the fit though? Am I nuts that I think its a little big? Shoulders are huge.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet MF crushing everyone again. Couldn't agree more. I mean, seriously. NN, love the fur thingy! Aeglus, better pictures of zee jacket?
Quote: Originally Posted by --Jonas-- Is Stollen stollen in English? Ja unless you want to call it fruit loaf, which came up when I looked for a translation.
Quote: Originally Posted by PaulYAY If I was in a new town and looking for drugs, he'd be the first guy I'd approach. half-masticated stollen all over my monitor
Quote: Originally Posted by softy I'm sorry, BR. Let us never speak of it again. I went to the hairdresser yesterday and tried to simulate a hairstyle like yours. I think it may have turned out to be a disaster. I had much more hair to begin with, but I feel a little shorn now. May I dare comfort you by saying that it will grow back?
Quote: Originally Posted by bare bodkin I was just thinking, it could be the 5 or 6 layers I'm wearing underneath. CT winters are brutal. Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol Dude, just get a winter coat rather than five layers under a shitty jacket. This. It would probably look so much better if you wore less layers underneath. Its definitely the wrong piece for this time of the year if you have to wear five...
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