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Thanks for the comments guys. Softy
trying out the bowtie (hazy details, couldn't be bothered to take out the SLR) outside
I could squeeze it into an envelope via maxi-envelope registered mail for 26 euros but there's no insurance. The secure alternative would be as a package with insurance and tracking for 35 euros. You're eligible for tax exemption from here so we take 19% off the price of the item and then add the shipping costs. Of course there's a chance that you may have to pay duties when it gets to NYC.
I stock it but only have small and medium left. I have the Harrison in large though, if that helps. Howlin
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six Stepping away from my usual taper in pants. I don't think the no break works so well with the width of those trousers. I'm not sure what the "rule" is but a true straight leg with (what seems to be) a fuller cut would look better with a break IMO.
There's snow everywhere and I'm wearing hideous grey rubber duckie sorels. Absolutely no vis. And why did I feel a need to share this?
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Certainly stiff on the outside, but incredibly comfortable...it has a nice quilted lining that helps. What about the fit though? Am I nuts that I think its a little big? Shoulders are huge.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet MF crushing everyone again. Couldn't agree more. I mean, seriously. NN, love the fur thingy! Aeglus, better pictures of zee jacket?
Quote: Originally Posted by --Jonas-- Is Stollen stollen in English? Ja unless you want to call it fruit loaf, which came up when I looked for a translation.
Quote: Originally Posted by PaulYAY If I was in a new town and looking for drugs, he'd be the first guy I'd approach. half-masticated stollen all over my monitor
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