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Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 albert and I had quality time, that's all that matters Too bad I didn't get to meet you Had quality time with Albert and Vanna too, albeit separately. Great to finally meet Fok and Pete, even just for a few minutes.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy You guys need to read. I'm going to try to get us a table at the Breslin at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday evening, January 18. It's going to be for 10. I want a show of hands in this thread. If more people show up, that's pretty cool too. 1. Fok 2. Pete 3. Jian 4. Possibly Albert 5. Andy Salzer 6. Berlin Report? (I need to PM him) 7. Kunko 8. Scott M. 9. Patrick Goodspeed (who will not ever show up on time. It's...
Moo, love the fit and the pics are fantastic.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cacatfish I swear this look is coming back. It still reminds me of Motel 6 bedspreads and curtains. Kim Jones. Quote: Originally Posted by Eason My quaff and I will bring it There's a hot girl on SF who goes by Connemarra, she would fuck the shit out of you. Eason baby you crack me up so much.
Quote: Originally Posted by GoSurface I was gonna hang out with Berlin Report and Albert privately. Bitches better have time for me. PM sent and you better show up.
Zissou, great stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ringo My Ass and Zoltar the Magnificent on yoox. Your avatar made me sit up and wipe the left side of my monitor. I got given an ACNE lookbook when they started several years ago and I shook my head and laughed because of the name. They laughed all the way to the bank.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini I get into NYC (assuming there's no "Day After Tomorrow") the 13th. Capsule's that Mon/Tues and then I leave Thurs morning. We'll be working Mon and Tues during the day so Sun, Tues, or Weds night would work best for me for drinks. I arrive on the 11th and leave on the morning of the 18th so please anytime before that!!!
Here's the link as per request. They're manufactured by Sancho, model BI8988.
Thanks! They weren't too bad price-wise. They're just about under Uncontrol's $300 range. Great quality for the price---shearling-lined, goodyear welt, shoe part (whatsitcalled?) is oiled leather and shaft is soft suede, made in Spain. Got it from a germany-based western wear website. Funny though I can't find it on Sancho's website.
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