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You guys are so horrible. Horrible
Quote: Originally Posted by snowmanxl the tailored (?) /slim fit army trousers look really great here. bag looks full!! great stuff berlin! steve, the cropped jacket is kinda dope--does it have a hood? Thanks! Got the slim cargos from Uniqlo a couple of days ago. Bag is heavy. Quote: Originally Posted by raven37457 I agree, the majority of people will look at the WWM piece and think it is hideous. As I previously...
Quote: Originally Posted by jet haha love the why are you following me look berlin haha that's me yelling at the bf to release that shutter already!
Actually really liked Synth's Obi-wan look. I thought everything worked well together. Quick snap before going to work:
^^^wow. I'm speechless.
Bought this when I was in New York. I showed it to Vanna for approval and it didn't make him retch so I guess I did well enough Its huge though.
Was great meeting you guys! Really wish I had more time to at least have a drink with you all.
Jkissi, you were in town! How'd you like it? I did the fairs but skipped the shows this time. Too tired. See anything good? Give us a holler next time around!
Quote: Originally Posted by ppllzz the only thing worse than being rich but ugly is just being ugly. glad you are rich though. no need for this hate.
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