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Penhaligon's Lavendula La Prairie Cellular Energizing Body Spray Diptyque Philosykos Marc Jacobs Bang (first scent I got as a gift that didn't end up in the bin) Sisley eau de campagne Joe Malone Lime, Basil & Mandarin cologne
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Been a while. Malibu: ASOS Wolf v Goat RRL CP Love this. What is that thingy-thing on your wrist? Quote: Originally Posted by Magician Lifestyle: Doing Hypnosis at a friend's party: No vis but I'm wearing cuffed Acne jeans and vintage thrift derbies. Sorry but that just looks like your hypnotising them to do the führer salute. Gave me the creeps.
Quote: Originally Posted by reezy Berlin why you no post no fits Lazy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ivwri Nice. Very nice.
Jaac, just hop over to NZ. How're you doing son?
I'll play. Here are some killer fits IMHO although by no means a complete list of my faves. I couldn't find any Fuumas or PGs in the non-discussion thread, which is all I could muster plying through. Too bad about the dead links of fit pics as well... Classic JKISSI. So, so good. Quote: Originally Posted by JKISSI SE Tweed post vintage woolrich pendleton shawl apc saddle Great cardigan. Simple but very well...
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one no, you don't get it, this is sold by NEPENTHES in 2011! Ah, now I get the fury. Okay. No further discussion needed.
sorry that was for impolyte's post. made me laugh.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one He'd be better off. (0) In some ways, maybe. If it would interest him.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one If you can tell me, honestly, that this shit looks cool and stylish, then you are guilty of drinking the koolaid and nothing can help you. Yes, I definitely think that this is the epitome of cool and stylish. And I certainly think that you have the most descerning eye of everyone here. That's why we all should dress the way you think is cool. I most definitely think that timpo and SVB should take advantage...
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