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Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Crosspost from the WvG thread and reposted from last time since apparently Imageshack hates our freedom: WvG Chimala Really like the patchwork madras.
In a blur. + light grey suede bucks
Quote: Originally Posted by melonadejello This is not the place to ask, they all hate them...it looks good to me. The way I see it, they're supposed to fit like a moto does (short) as evidenced by the fact that the sleeves are the perfect length as well as the shoulders and also are meant to be a middle layer, not an outer. Wasn't there a time when everyone was drooling over W+H hoodies here? That said, I think that hoodie is too tight.
Thanks for the kind comments gents. Much appreciated.
Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo Berlin, nice to see you! Looks good, nice silhuette on the jeans, great colors. Thanks Bobo! You haven't posted a fit in ages. Quote: Originally Posted by mellowfellow Yes collegiate jacket is nice, the sleeve is a bit long on me. Red hat will go when it's warmer. I like the red. It, well, caps off the fit nicely IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by johnH123 Looks awesome, as usual. What's the jacket? Thanks. Its a light down jacket by Woolrich (euro/italian line).
Vanna, you werquin it in that hot leather made me want to post. Looked at the mural online. Wish I could see it in real life. Poetic work baby. Speaking of workin' it, Synth's been delivering absolutely hot stuff lately. Asobu, wonderful as usual. PP, great use of neutrals. Really nice. Aeglus, really liked the black and white fit and this all black one is sharp too. MoK, really like how you wear the cargoes. I have the same one in camo and love the cut. You might...
Sunday Walk
So, I just trawled through about 100 pages of WAWYT, meaning 92 pages of childish, narcissistic and pseudo-intellectual drivel disguised as "discussion" and 8 pages of fit pics. Anway, I'm going to quote pics as I forgot how to do that spoiler thingy thing again. Quote: Originally Posted by Lel Your best, in my opinion. Really good. Quote: Originally Posted by Najee D. You all won't like this... I love...
Asobu, fantastic.
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