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Thank you gents for the warm welcome.
I don't like wet hems. Zape thanks you
Still winter floating doggie head
Didn't have time to do a full-body shot. Wearing black 1000 mile boots with this fit.
I first saw SNS Herning in these parts around 2004, peaked until around 2009. Haven't seen them around since.Teger that Aspesi jacket is great.
I think I saw them at the Pitti too. Looks great. Now you've got me running after the zip wallet and I can't find it anywhere!
I ordered the camel coat and the chunky norwegian sweater online as I didn't have time to go to the shop. I was mostly just curious and fully intended to send them back as I probably would never have any occasion to wear them but they fit so well and now I'm thinking of just keeping them. I'm still not convinced about the coat though.
Thank you. The shirt is by Universal Works and is from the current season. I think I know exactly which shirt you've mistaken it for though. That was really years ago.
Universal Works YMC Wolverine
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