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PP, that's beautiful.
aeglus great pics man. Looks like a grand time.
Kixslf, love the layering.
All Hallows Eve. GS you look amazing.
I wish I could see your face, Snake. It would have probably made all the elements of the fit gel for me, although I do understand if people want to leave out their faces on the internet.
Uncontrol, I don't get why you get so wound up when people don't take you "advice". Why don't you just ignore the noobs if you think they ask stupid questions? Too much aggression. I don't know why you think you're such an authority on style. I don't get it at all.
Finally went with Chrono. I love the colors (or the abscence of it) and the relaxed vibe. Everything about it worked for me. Got frustrated with Sq's because I knew the picture didn't do it justice but had to go with what I could see...would've liked a shot with the jacket open to show the knit. JD's fit is what I would probably wear myself but the shoes ruined it for me. I love my Aeglus but I thought the cap fit a little strange. I agree with Fuuma about Magician's...
Quote: Originally Posted by softy that's the point That red boiled wool abomination is Junya? That didn't turn out too well.
Joining the love-fest for my Bruder. Great colors and I love the relaxed trousers.
Very late but...Bobo: great fit.
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