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Apologies if this thread is redundant but I looked at the gallery page and somehow couldn't access the thread from last year's NYC tradeshows. I'm considering going to New York in January for the shows and wanted some input on which ones I should prioritize. Capsule seems to be the one for my needs although there are a couple of brands I'd like to check out at Project. It seems to be quite big and commercial though and I would have to come a couple of days earlier for it...
PP, that's beautiful.
aeglus great pics man. Looks like a grand time.
Kixslf, love the layering.
All Hallows Eve. GS you look amazing.
I wish I could see your face, Snake. It would have probably made all the elements of the fit gel for me, although I do understand if people want to leave out their faces on the internet.
Uncontrol, I don't get why you get so wound up when people don't take you "advice". Why don't you just ignore the noobs if you think they ask stupid questions? Too much aggression. I don't know why you think you're such an authority on style. I don't get it at all.
Finally went with Chrono. I love the colors (or the abscence of it) and the relaxed vibe. Everything about it worked for me. Got frustrated with Sq's because I knew the picture didn't do it justice but had to go with what I could see...would've liked a shot with the jacket open to show the knit. JD's fit is what I would probably wear myself but the shoes ruined it for me. I love my Aeglus but I thought the cap fit a little strange. I agree with Fuuma about Magician's...
Quote: Originally Posted by softy that's the point That red boiled wool abomination is Junya? That didn't turn out too well.
Joining the love-fest for my Bruder. Great colors and I love the relaxed trousers.
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