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Quote: Originally Posted by UrbanComposition You are correct in your assessment of MC. I would argue that it's neither good nor bad, but rather an interest (perhaps overly so) in suiting. I am not by any means a good example, but I will say that practically all men (and many women, for that matter) look great in a suit, which is what attracts many to the forum initially. After this, one begins to see the many aspects of a great fitting suit (and the...
I went to a Men's Only H&M in our area in Berlin yesterday and it was pretty civilized. There were only a few customers in there and I happened to know most of them. Pretty funny. Anyway, thought the collection was quite well done. Wasn't in love with all of it but I thought it was definitely one of the better H&M collaborations, if not the best one. Bought the nylon hooded jacket in sand and the light blue bib shirt. I didn't bother to have a close look at the shoes as ...
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Who here dresses equal to their boyfriends? I think people would tend to say I dress better than my boyfriend but I love his Lässigkeit.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Peeps be mad jealous of the hair Quote: Originally Posted by DLester You looked great regardless of age. I don't know why people mentioned it. It wasn't relevant. Thank you. I don't even know why I posted that. Normally I wouldn't have even reacted. I know it wasn't meant to be derogatory. Its almost 4 am in my neck of the woods. Way past grandpa bedtime
Late on this but thank you for the kind comments, gents. I sometimes forget how much older I am than most members on SWD and get kind of surprised whenever my age is mentioned. It sometimes sounds like "he looks good despite his age" although I know it was meant as a compliment. Ageing doesn't have to mean you care less about how you look. I hope this isn't taken as a rant but I just wanted to say my thoughts out loud. It just makes me wonder why my being older almost...
Chauncey/Junk de Luxe/Folk/Incotex/Grenson Shirt/jumper detail
Thanks for the info susan. I'll definitely check them out!
Bruder, are you all going to be there in January? I'm really trying to get this trip going. I would normally be at the Pitti Uomo that week but I'm getting tired of it and need some new inspiration. I've just checked out the Off Soho suites and the rates are definitely reasonable although its a shame if there are only two people in a room... I kind of had that feeling about Project when I was checking out their brands list. Too many and probably not too much direction.
Apologies if this thread is redundant but I looked at the gallery page and somehow couldn't access the thread from last year's NYC tradeshows. I'm considering going to New York in January for the shows and wanted some input on which ones I should prioritize. Capsule seems to be the one for my needs although there are a couple of brands I'd like to check out at Project. It seems to be quite big and commercial though and I would have to come a couple of days earlier for it...
PP, that's beautiful.
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