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Quote: Originally Posted by softy Oh god softy this freaked me out.
Quote: Originally Posted by snake +1 Keep at it, synth. I have a feeling that angle didn't do justice to that fit. He normally has a really good feel for proportion and silhouette and I can't imagine that he'd wear something where those two elements are so out of whack. Love the jacket. Quote: Originally Posted by Eason thanks du, guess it's to nice to put together something decent once in a while tonight I am...
Beautiful presentation. Admittedly, I wouldn't really know what to do with any of them except maybe the keychain. Well done! Edit* Didn't really get to say what I meant to say: the craftsmanship looks amazing!
Quote: Originally Posted by softy Kent Money was conceived in that interlude Why is there no guffaw emoticon? *wiping the morning latte off his monitor* Midship, nice one. Don't let that bitch Eason get to you about the double chin. Next time jut your chin out slightly. That should smooth it out Eason, nice jumper. Asobu, masterful as usual. Wish we could see your face.
^^^Thanks for the link! I actually tried to order the green one through Amazon but they couldn't deliver to europe, not even to an APO address Might have been a blessing in disguise though as I ended up (after much deliberation) ordering the Manitoba Jacket in Graphite from the good guys at Context (terrific service). It just suits my needs better...lots of pockets, zips right up to the chin, removable hood, handwarmers, grey so I could wear it with brown and black,...
Anyone have a fit pic of the Banff? Its supposed to be slimmer but maybe not as slim as the Japanese line?
Quote: Originally Posted by softy I feel obligated to ask about the marble column. Why is there no emoticon for *chuckle*? You always make me chuckle.
Quote: Originally Posted by asobu Without going in to much detail, last few pages have been awesome. Synthese, so refreshing! PP, aeglus also looks fantastic!! Agree completely and nice to see you posting fits again ARW.
Quote: Originally Posted by drmmr No worries. Thanks! Should've grabbed a couple pairs when I was in Berlin earlier this year. Yes. And next time drop by the shop!
I'm considering this: link:
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