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Thank you much appreciated.Ah but you haven't seen me in high def.Awesome. Serious comment. And I'm gutted you came to Pitti when I stopped going.Thank you.
He should do this!!!
Sorry long post! Hill-side/Chauncey/Velour/YMC Tom Ford/Orlebar Brown/Orlebar Brown/Satorisan Uniqlo/YMC/Satorisan
Bumped into gdl203 at the Man show in Paris!
Hey guys! It was great bumping into @gdl203 I haven't bumped into anyone from SF for a couple of seasons now so it was a welcome surprise. @LA Guy hope to see you and the crew back in our shores really soon. I did not attend the Pitti this season as I chose to go to the London Collections instead. Quite exciting and I think it has huge potential. I haven't been able to post here for so long but I lurk once in a while when I get the time... I'll post our picture @gdl203 as...
Thank you gents for the warm welcome.
I don't like wet hems. Zape thanks you
Still winter floating doggie head
Didn't have time to do a full-body shot. Wearing black 1000 mile boots with this fit.
I first saw SNS Herning in these parts around 2004, peaked until around 2009. Haven't seen them around since.Teger that Aspesi jacket is great.
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