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Who dares wake me from my slumber?
To a great extent it's what Greg said about not selling at full retail. I still really like the collection but it's become somehow static and the price points are just too high for that. I like the brand and the people behind it very much so I will continue to look at every collection they do.
Basilica shoulder bag from Cornelian Taurus by Daisuke Iwanaga. It's really more bordeaux than brown. Really beautiful leather and fantastic craftsmanship.
Sorry about the massive pics! I was sorry to send it back actually as I've been looking for a bag in that colour but I couldn't keep it after both sides tore. Hope it just a one off though as I'd be sorry to see a good brand put out mediocre goods.
I got a khaki green leather messenger bag from MMM last January. The leather was quite stiff but I thought it would age quite nicely. Sadly one of the side attachments where the shoulder straps are connected started to unravel after four days. I took a look underneath the leather wrap and found out that the piece itself was only attached with some flimsy stitches and then glued. I have to say the quality was appalling. I considered having it repaired here locally since I...
It's called Trueffelschwein. Here's the link www.trueffelschweinberlin.comAlmost By the way we will not be carrying Oliver Spencer for the next two seasons so I hope we could interest you in some other truffles...Yes! The shop's name is Trueffelschwein which literally means truffle pig. They're the ones used for truffle foraging. It also means someone who finds valuable things although people tend to associate the name to gastronomy instead of clothing.
Thanks! The ones I'm wearing was a sample gone wrong. They're normally wider on the legs with less peg.Thanks I'm somehow glad that not one particular bit stands out but that it appeals as a whole (?) Not intended but ha you're right!Hansen is fantastic. We've been carrying the brand since their second season about 3 years ago and they just keep getting better. Äse Hansen is norwegian but grew up in Africa and ended up in Sweden at some point and is now based in...
Garret Leight specs The White Briefs shirt Hansen trousers Birkenstocks
Haha thanks I guess!
Hannes Roether jacket, Universal Works shirt, Three Animals trousers, Birkenstock footwear
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