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Haha thanks I guess!
Hannes Roether jacket, Universal Works shirt, Three Animals trousers, Birkenstock footwear
Yes galerie Vivienne! The pants are Only Dancing by Uniforms for the Dedicated
Paris last week.
Thanks for the nice welcome (again) gentlemen. I'd really like to participate more but just don't have the time these days. Glad to see the forum well and thriving.
Ha, I uploaded the image from my phone and didn't realize it would be so small!
Thank you much appreciated.Ah but you haven't seen me in high def.Awesome. Serious comment. And I'm gutted you came to Pitti when I stopped going.Thank you.
He should do this!!!
Sorry long post! Hill-side/Chauncey/Velour/YMC Tom Ford/Orlebar Brown/Orlebar Brown/Satorisan Uniqlo/YMC/Satorisan
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