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Should have gone with Vox's solution to this problem. I did and I'm fully convinced that it's a better option.
I'll give that a try. The two shoes are traditional oxfords that look a bit odd with such a pronounced welt. Had they been derbies, I would not have given it a second thought. And if that doesn't work, I'll be sure to keep DWFII's advice bout margin of safety in mind when instructing my cobbler. Thanks again, fellas.
I have two pairs of Vass shoes whose welts extend well beyond those of all of my other Vass. Can the welts be "shaved" without damaging the shoe or are there any other possible solutions to the protruding welt problem?
Those bags are awesome. MoosicPa!
Done! Just bought a pair of "Oxford" in black calf.
I, too, could not resist the temptation. Mine is in cherry.
Agree. Nothing is wrong with the Japanese shell but it has much less depth than Horween. Japanese shell color appears much more shallow than Horween..
This is ridiculous. I can identify Horween shell from Japanese shell very easily. And with five minutes of observation, anyone could do the same.
We all have our opinions about what looks good and what does not look good. Our opinions may be influenced by other people's opinion as they explain what they like about a particular object. And that is all useful and fun and helps inform our decision of what we want to buy. But DWFII brings a different perspective because he deals with objective criteria of quality. What techniques are considered best practices are important informational tools for those of us who not...
Can you please show how the tag is attached to the shirt. Thanks.
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