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I think that I own both lasts but I'll have to doublecheck when I get home on Monday. I'd hate to make a representation from memory. Can you wait until Monday?
I recently commissioned a case from Casemaker for a fully hand-made model. And I don't need two that serve the same function.
I wear 7.5E in EG and 7E or 7.5E in Lobb. Hope that helps.
Exactly! My shoes are meant to be worn and so they are. I give them a quick rubdown after each wear but only polish them (if they need it) the night before I wear them.
And in the last installment of better know your Vass, here are my non-calf: Saddle cordovan in P2; antique cognac cordovan in F; brandy cordovan in P2; and bordeaux cordovan in P2
Visually, F is longer than P2 but as far as fit goes, I don't feel much of a difference. I have a pretty easy to fit foot, however, so your experience with heel support may be different. I size up half a size, however, from P2 and F to U.
Thanks Gyasih but I really didn't start at 0. The newest additions are really more of a turbo boost. Here is what I already had from Vass:Burgundy F; Dark Brown F; Antique Cognac UAntique Cognac F; Black F; Dark Cognac F; Oxblood P2 (not really certain why I went with P2 rather than F),
Here are a few more of the blue ankle boots:
Thanks Arahat. Couldn't have done it without you.
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