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And what is that fabric? Looks very interesting.
I think that Mirage contains 5% dog hair (Tibetan Masstif) for a bit of shagginess.
I had the same conversation with my tailor regarding Fox versus Minnis. For trousers we chose Minnis because of their better durability.
Yep. That's the one.
Still too warm to wear it but we're getting closer. But to kill the mystery buzz, it's the black version that is still (but just barely) available at The suitable Wardrobe.
Naples (with a little help from Bologna) invades the South. Bespoke MBnT seersucker suit. Bespoke Luca Avitabile cotton/linen shirt (DJAnderson Zephir Lino). Bresciani cotton socks. All Naples. Plus Bonafé canvas and leather shoes from Bologna.
My bespoke Horween #8 has finally given up the ghost. It had over a decade of daily use. Taking its place will be a Horween natural shell from Chester Mox.
All of my wedding pictures were candid action shots so I don't have much that shows off the dinner suit per se. Here is one that does a decent job: Bespoke suit by Chris Despos. Bespoke shirt by Luca Avitabile. Linen pocket square by Simonnot-Goddard.
I think that I understand your reply but I'm not certain. Are you saying that Kiton is the only Naples-based tie-maker that you are familiar with that makes ties in the artisinal manner by hand?
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