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Make sure that you look at Harrison's Frontier before making a final selection. I think that you will like it and I know that Steed recommends it to some clients.
London Lounge Linen Suiting and Jacketing have a few shades of green that will probably work for you.
Also agree with Andy's advice re. Tony's suggestions. Black tie is not the time to experiment.
One thing that has not been mentioned but I think is critical concerns buttons. I would only get a SBPL if it is a one button. To me it is a sine qua non. I'll try to post a shot of mine next week.
I wouldn't (and didn't) do it. Go with solid blue. I went with a solid navy Premier Cru which has a touch of cashmere.
You thrifted a Caraceni! Impressive.
Looks great. What is that jacketing?
The weather has finally dropped and I can start wearing these Thomas Riemer yellow, unlined deerskin gloves from Exquisite Trimmings:
Great fabric choice and great execution. Congratulations.But I still would not have played the price game. Better to remain mum or get their approval to pm a potential customer about price.
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