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Sure does. Thanks.
The link is not working for me.
As others have mentioned, why not go with a durable midweight mid-grey flannel (like JJ Minnis, for example)? You'll get a ton of use out of them. They will look great. They will be very versatile. It's the perfect project for a first pair of bespoke trousers.
Looks great. Please keep us informed
One of your clients gets two back pockets with a button only on the left pocket as that pocket will never be open. But he's sort of an odd fellow so you may not want to follow that lead.
Here's a few shots of my SAB Gladstone;
Agree. This is an easy "no way."
I hate to bother you so let me keep looking a bit to see if I can find a current Alumo book. If not, I may have to ask you for a little help. Thanks,
Clear. Blunt. But wrong.
My response was probably not as clear as it should have been. To me, the only thing wrong is the wing collar rather than a turn down collar. And while not wrong, I choose to wear a waistcoat rather than a cummerbund and choose to wear a butterfly collar rather than a bat wing one.But I don't want to leave the wrong impression. As I first wrote, I think that CausticMan is looking good and his companion even better. Congrats.
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