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If you are only buying one pair of Hungarian shoes, I, too, agree that you should buy the traditional Budapester style. Where else will you find this style of shoe? I chose Buday. And I bought them in a chukka style.
I placed an order on January 9. The website says to expect delivery in 14 business days so I'm still within the timeframe. I'll keep everyone informed as things progress.
http://www.styleforum.net/t/155471/riva-shirts Whnay: "I have a few cotton-linen shirts made out of Riva fabric - they are indeed spectacular. A lot more depth and texture than most other blends..." Artisan Fan: "Agreed, I have four of the cotton-linen Riva and they are sublime." Voxsartoria and Itsstillmatt: "Is there anything about the Riva cottons to make someone getting D. & J. Anderson/Allbini weep with regret? Yes." Mafoofan: "My favorites are the cotton...
Yes. That is correct. It is made by Caruso. Thanks.
Levi's Vintage Clothing 1947 501s Size 31X32 New with all tags therefore no returns unless I misrepresented anything. $140 CONUS shipping included.
24 polo buttons $12 CONUS shipping included
Vass shoe trees Size 40F $20 plus shipping at cost
Color: Dark green with hints of blue and charcoal Brand new with all tags still attached Lined in wool Utterly soft nappa leather Size: 8.5 Handmade in Pécs, Hungary. $75 CONUS shipping included No questioned asked one week return policy. You pay return shipping.
Rozsnyai burgundy suede loafers Size: 41.5 fits most UK7.5E and US8.5D Shoes are hand welted Shoe trees, shoe bags, and box included $500 CONUS Shipping included No questions asked one week return policy. You pay return shipping. Shoes must be returned in exact same condition.
Rozsnyai Last: 333 Size: 41. Fits most UK 7E or US 8D. I am selling these because I need to size up half a size. Color: Black calf and black scotchgrain. Shoes are hand welted. Shoe trees, shoe bags, and box included. No questions asked one week return policy. You pay for return shipping. Return must be in exact same condition.
New Posts  All Forums: