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Never mind. I missed the very top of the linked post. The shirts are promised by the 4th week of February with an update at the end of January. Aucociscokid, can you please provide the update? Thanks.
Does anyone know the status of this? I ordered the shirt two months ago but have heard nothing about delivery. The link provided above is to a new offering without delivery information about the original order. Can anyone shed light on this?
It was finally cold enough to wear together a couple of recent purchases. Here is the 6-ply S&C cashmere cable knit turtle neck paired with the green Monitaly pea coat.
Unfortunately, I cannot help very much here. I have no code numbers as I picked these up at the store rather than ordering them from a catalog. The type of construction is noted in the original post. The width of the knit ties is 6.5 cm.
B. Nelson has a SF thread where you can see good examples of the work.
Looks correct to me.
B. Nelson in NYC can do the work that you're looking for.
It is a grenadine fina from Cappelli.
And my final crosspost. I promise. I returned from a recent trip to Naples and was very impressed with Cilento. It is criminally under-appreciated. This may have something to do with it being quite far from the center of the commercial district. In fact, I stumbled upon it in search of a pizza joint nearby. I bought a few items which I'll post here but my favorite is with my USA tailor who is adjusting the sleeve length of a reversible rain jacket lined with loden...
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