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Thank everybody for their very nice comments. Here's the requested shot plus a bonus. Dachshund, we share the same taste in sport watches, no?
Sorry for the delay gentlemen. I expected to post the final pictures this morning but was called away on other pressing matters. Without further wait: As BostonHerald surmised, I am very much a traditionalist in this sense and this is my favorite dress watch. Patek 5153 in white gold with a white dial. This particular model (in this configuration) was introduced last year.
BostonHedonist knows me all too well.
NAMOR, sorry to resurrect a post from so long ago but I recently returned from another trip to Argentina. I went to visit Casa Fagliano in Hurlingham (the best polo boot makers on the planet). They work with both Horween cordovan and Argentine cordovan. It has been their experience that the Argentine cordovan is just as good as the Horween and if the boot requires an area of especially tough abuse, they use the Argentine as they think that it is a bit more durable.
I recently purchased a Teba jacket by Justo Gimenez from The Armoury. I suggest looking at those.
No trade-backs, Tchoy! The length is in the capable hands of Mr. Despos. It will very likely be made into a car coat of some sort.
The moleskin pants from J Peterman are great winter ants in a heavy weight.
This is certainly an inexact science but I'd say maybe a US8.
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