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Just wait for a few months when it warms up. I'll show you some madras that will appall you. In a good way.
I wore Albert slippers to my wedding reception at an old mansion. They were pure black velvet with no monogram or symbols. Don't regret the decision for a second. Of course I also have opera pumps for different venues. But I'll concur with Newc's advice that if you were only to get one pair, go with opera pumps.
Very nice. Seraphin makes many of the men's leather jackets found at Hermes.
Depends on how you wear your dinner jacket. Restaurants and formal dinners at hotels: Opera pumps Your club or dinners at home: Albert slippers.
Probably. Going to try to meet up with Chris soon. Pictures will be forthcoming.
Smith originated the wool solaro. It is a bit heavy for my taste (11/12 oz) but there is something to be said for being the original.
I ordered during the first week of January. Based on his failure to answer my emails or phone calls concerning the status of my order, I cancelled the transaction via cc dispute in late February. I received my full order this week. Now I have to figure out a way to undo my payment cancellation. He fulfilled the order in full (allbeit, quite late) and the products are excellent.
I have the Agnelli PoW tweed in production with Chris. The grey Agnelli windowpane tweed is patiently waiting its turn.
You can always try it on to be sure. No questions asked guarantee was implemented for this precise issue. Sleeves can probably be let out. Ask your alteration tailor. Thanks for your interest, regardless.
Don't have the specs but it is quite light. This suit is about 4-5 years old and I just don't recall the deets on the suiting. I do recall asking Chris to make the lapels just a tad more narrow than his default preference.
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