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I think that I understand your reply but I'm not certain. Are you saying that Kiton is the only Naples-based tie-maker that you are familiar with that makes ties in the artisinal manner by hand?
We are very, very lucky to have an excellent cobbler in St. Louis. Go see Randy at Cobbler Corner in Clayton. Don't go to anyone else. He isn't cheap but the workmanship and the material that he uses are excellent. You can thank me later.
While I don't agree with everything that DWFII writes, his post (above) is very well written and I share his thoughts. The traditional ways are not always (but rather just usually) the best way of doing things. Our move away from these traditional methods are again not always (but rather just usually) rooting in making things easier not better.
Thanks for the information. So Cilento and Marinella use very similar construction technique. You prefer Kiton (they make their own I assume) as they are handmade. Who else in Napoli makes their own handmade ties? Capelli? Quarantalocatelli?
I resemble that remark. The jacket in the wild.
You won't be disappointed with Cilento. It may very well be my favorite men's store on the planet.
Thank you very much. I appreciate your analysis.
We have similar taste. Here are mine in the wild:
Thank you very much. I appreciate your honesty and integrity.
Can you do traditional attache cases?
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