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So, after 48 years of being a bachelor, that phase of my life ends tomorrow. Forgive the overindulgence but here is what I'll wear at the rehearsal dinner this evening in humid Missouri:
Nice. Very nice. I bought one relatively recently from Tallarico and get many complements. Mine are wood but I bet that the leather handle feels great.
I've started to think about what to do with the NMWA Fox Flaannel oatmeal special order that is due this summer. The last time this went around I made a pair of trousers and am very happy with the results. Has anybody turned this fabric into a odd jacket or a suit? If so, what were your impressions?
Who makes that case? In the US, I've only seen B2 carry cordovan cases in stock.
Moleskin works for me.
I received my case about a month ago. I'll post pictures in the next couple of days.
Received my refund. Thank you. Sorry that the vendor was so unreliable.
Sorry to hear that news. What would you like us to do? Wait until your PayPal chargeback is resolved? Any idea when I should check back?
Fok:As you requested, I have held off on following-up with my credit card company. What has Aleck's response been? I'd really like to have a timeframe for the resolution of this issue.
Ditto. Although I suspect that I may abide by a few more rules.
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