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Are mustang shell cordovan the same as regular? Given the prevalence of mustangs suggested in the linked article, one might reasonably expect downward pressure on shell prices
Interesting... Black and cordovan creme/conditioner for shell I get. But what would the neutral work with? Whiskey? Ravello?
don't have to wait until after-Christmas... or for designer stuff...
Costco is too expensive? Oh my Where is this mattress manufacturer? I've had my for almost 20 years... Good thing I saved the sport sex for the motels and floors or would've worn the springs out a long time ago
Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh Denzel was contacted to play Frank Mann. He would have been superb. But the proposal went no where. And I do have a life time membership to Treasures. Mitch the day manager is a friend. After Craig died I pretty much stopped going to topless joints. Probably been to one or two in the past 5 years for one visit. If anyone shows interest in the thread I'll recount some stories of Craig's legendary whoring ( He would...
Denzel Washington could play Franklin and when this script is option, you're gonna have your own membership to Treasures too!
Tumi is decent depending on the specific line and design. However, they no longer have the lifetime replacement warranty. Like the poster globetrotter suggested, B&R is a better value for me from both functionality / design and cost / quality standpoints as well as warranty. B&R uses 2520 denier ballistic nylon. Not sure what Tumi uses. For its weight, 1050 denier is the strongest and that's what Pathfinder uses on its higher end line.
^+1. Inspirational. Would this translate into lower shell cordovan prices and greater availability?
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