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Price drops
w+h and EG sold...price drops
Rag & Bone 2-button black wool herringbone suit, size 46/36 (jacket/trouser). Made in New York. Jacket size is 46 but it seems closer to a 42 to me. Jacket is winterweight, has a single vent, r&b metal buttons, 3 outside pockets, 2 interior pockets and white lining. Pants are flat-front and cuffed at a 32" inseam. $350 shipped Common Projects olive green achilles low, size 46 (US12-13). Worn about 10 times. $105 shipped/OBO Common Projects black...
Just about everything but these two shirts. Price drops and open to offers...
CPs sold...more price drops.
Just wanted to report back on mine and DMash's issue. He addressed the issue in an upfront way and we were able to come to an amenable resolution. Whatever the earlier disagreement was, I appreciate that he sought me out and found a way for it to end well. Cheers
Glad to see you selling this a week after you bought it from me. For a hefty profit, no less, after pleading and whining your way down to $75 claiming one flaw after another. Nice to see none of the flaws you described to me are in this listing. War profiteer. Yeesh.
Porter wallet sold...more price drops.
Tanner & NDG deconstructed shirt sold, button-up measurements added, price drops.
Price drops...
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