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Quote: Originally Posted by atomicranch The debate over how many meals/day to eat aside, I think these are good guidelines. I like the three rules from Michael Pollan's book "In Defense of Food" even better for their simplicity. Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much. By food, Pollan means real food, things your great-grandmother would recognize as food, not the processed crap that fills the supermarket. Pollan makes the same point as Beradi...
Quote: Originally Posted by jet I want a boater. What exactly is a boater? Got a pic or link? Much appreciated...
Scallops & chorizo at Alma, grilled rabbit livers at Palo Santo and whole branzino at Brooklyn Fish Camp.
Havana Club rum, ginger ale, pineapple juice, and a couple of squeezed lime wedges over ice. Tasty.
Yellow American Spirits even though I prefer the blue ones.
Boylan's ginger ale or Thomas Kemper cream soda.
Bowen v. Kobe in a 7-game series will undoubtedly get the fireworks going...
Location always seems to part of the equation as well, although certainly not the only consideration. Being able to walk by someone on the street negates lingering guilt often but when they step on your subway car right before you head over a bridge, you're stuck hearing their story and avoiding their eye contact in a confined space for a concerted period of time.
I'm partial to the Adidas Forest Hills 72. Very breathable for the summertime and they break in beautifully.
The Mavs do have experience with 2-0 series comebacks, granted it was on the receiving end. Maybe Dirk can figure out how to get to the FT line 20-30 times a game.
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