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B.Son makes amazingly soft t-shirts. I only have one but wish I had more...
I think it's Hyden Yoo. I got a shirt of his/hers/its from Oak and it's a nice quality button-up.
Grey's Anatomy. Someone please make it stop or at least make my wife quit watching it.
Only for the events of family or friends, not for worship.
I keep it under $10 unless the people at the store have something really glowing to say about it or if it's a varietal from a region that I typically like a lot. Then, I'll usually go up to $25ish.
Perfect for the stilt set.
Steinbrenner & Sons deserve mention here...
Research Manager for a stock photography company. Getting my Master's in International Affairs in hopes of switching up to diplomacy.
The tap water I drink in NYC tastes great...I do put it thought a Britta filter, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by atomicranch The debate over how many meals/day to eat aside, I think these are good guidelines. I like the three rules from Michael Pollan's book "In Defense of Food" even better for their simplicity. Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much. By food, Pollan means real food, things your great-grandmother would recognize as food, not the processed crap that fills the supermarket. Pollan makes the same point as Beradi...
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