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Definitely don't miss Ometepe...one of those places that's really unlike any other place.
I checked out Terroir (wine bar/restaurant) in the East Village last night. They were really nice there and have a great "Recession special" of 6 appetizers for $22 (roast beets w/orange and hazelnuts, olives, anchovies, mushrooms, and one other thing that's eluding me). We went early when one of the cooks was behind the bar and asked about the jamon serrano, which she later on hand-carved and brought over complimentarily. Their paninis looked really good, too. Go there...
The 50 egg scene from Cool Hand Luke. The final 15 minutes of The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Multi-position puppet sex from Team America
Quote: Originally Posted by Jelly or Syrup nuggets left their defense in the locker room. anthony should have 40 points easy. nuggets just seem out of it during the second half in both games. also Kael needs to inform JR Rider about his ball hogging tendencies The Nuggets have a defense?
idealist.org is a great place to look for NGO-related jobs.
A Leatherman? A grill?
I'm going to revive this neglected thread from long ago. Any thoughts on good hats for the upcoming summer season, especially in reasonably hot climates? (I'm in New York) I have a couple of decent plain-ish, monochrome baseball hats already but given my receding hairline and easily burned skin, I'm always looking for more ideas.
Lamb merguez burger at BLT Burger in NYC. Good but not as good as the BLT burger.
Blame the sausage, not the turkey.
A Presbyterian.
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