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I received my *********** order for three jackets. The archer ridge jacket has ridiculously fitting arms, like it was cut for popeye. Big loose wizard sleeve openings. 
I am aware. I paid with a discover card, I'm not concerned however it turns out. I also don't think the departments that are instrumental in clearing out their remaining inventory would be let go first. 
Mine still hasnt shipped. Did you get your true size? The difference between the M and L vest was massive, I'm not surprised the jacket is the same.
 Thats not good. I mailed them an envelope of cash to pay for my order. What can I do?
I dont know about the jacket, but I got a M and L in the vest, and the L was massive. Sized like an XL. I would ask someone on ebay for measurements because it didnt seem like a normal progression from one size to the next.
 I've had a retro x jacket and vest and an archer ridge vest. The fleece is softer and more comfortable on the Columbia. I dont know if they always have used recycled materials, but older retro-x's seemed softer to me. They are both wind proof fleeces, or have a windproof membrane. The construction quality is slightly better to me on columbia japan. Something else that is not quality related that I liked is you won't see many other people, or any wearing the columbia line....
It was working this morning. Even so, the prices are very low. Lowest I've seen bugaboos for is $100. The archer ridge vest was really nice. When I saw the price on the jackets I went ahead and kopped two.  
Jack threads has some really good prices on Columbia Japan jackets and vests. The code PANDORA also works for an addl 20% off. I purchased an archer ridge jacket for $30, and bugaboo jacket for $37.
That's interesting. The silhouette reminded me of the Nomads, and I was thinking I would get regular prescription lenses put in if I wasn't fond of the sunglass lens. It seemed like a good deal either way since they use the same frame for sun and optical.
Tom Brown glasses at barneys warehouse are marked down an additional 50%. I just snagged a pair of tb-102's for $224. eBates is 3% as well.
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