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that Viridi-Anne jacket is the first one in this thread that I really like I'd love to find one similar (as I assume that it's expensive) I guess I just really like simple style of it
can anyone explain to me the difference between a "normal" paypal payment and a "personal" paypal payment? I'm thinking about selling some jeans on here and since I've never sold anything online before so I'm kind of confused about how it works. Would I have to set up a business account with paypal to do a "normal" transaction? I'd prefer to keep things simple and just do the regular 'request money' option from my personal account. Is that how most people do it...
does anyone know who makes the leather jackets worn by Leonardo Dicaprio in these pics? there are two different jackets but they look to be from the same designer because of the distinctive band of stitching that runs along the sides of both (and on the collar of the first jacket) the first 4 pics are the first jacket and the last 2 are the second (all clickable thumbnails)
Quote: Originally Posted by Harrington Never had that problem with my pair. ok, I figured out what happened. I bought the ranger mocs from the regular LL Bean line and not the Signature line. they do have a different sole and different laces according to the pics from the two websites. also, it's hard to tell but the Signature version might even be a little sleeker, which I like (could be the same though). so I guess I'm going to return...
at the store in Virginia, plus I had the 20% off email coupon
got the tan suede ranger mocs because they were dirt cheap at 54.99 on sale plus the 20% off coupon. i like the look but that boat shoe bottom squeaks like hell on any kind of shiny flooring. anyone else experience this and did it go away after some wear?
stopped by my local Marshall's today and they had several pairs of the Bushacre for $49.99. is that a pretty good price or is there a better deal online?
Anyone know if the Banana Republic 'Sahara' boot runs a little big like the Clark's?
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