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I have to go to Chicago for a wedding in a few weeks. What are the best wing places in town? I heard about some place that has wings that are so hot you have to sign a waiver form. Has anyone tried those?
Thats cool because I live in Michigan as well. Do you know what the minimum is to open one?
We just had our first child and I was given some money to start a savings account for him. I wanted to start a college fund for him but don't know where to start. I googled it and a ton of stuff comes up. Should I do a savings account or an investment fund? What have you guys done?
Even though we just had a baby, we are going to buy a few things for them for Christmas.
I would hit it.
Since they have no income coming in and can't get the boys anything for Christmas, someone gave them $100 to buy gifts for the kids and he took the money and used some of it for himself. Case closed.
So CPS and the cops came to their house yesterday. They asked some questions and looked around and didn't find anything so they left. How much can you find in one visit? If we had any justice, these people wouldn't have these kids. I did what I could I just feel sorry for these piece of shit parents. They were on state aid when they had no kids so I guess it was a good idea to have 2 kids and abuse the system. I guess its also good to ignore them, yell at them, use the...
They don't close the front door during the summer and the dog ran out and got hit by a car. They also dont put trash abgs in cans. They toss the bags in the yard. One day the other dog got into a bag of trash and got its mouth stuck in an empty bag of pepperidge farm cookies and choked to death. The dogs they have now poop and pee in their beds but the agency I called didnt care about that.
The dogs and cats have pooped an dpeed int heir bed and the parents did not want to change the sheets. I know it doesn't matter but the dad said its a good thing both kids are disabled but we should be getting more money for the 4 year old because he is worse. Who could say something like that?
I just called. It was not an easy thing to do. They asked a bunch of questions and said they would start an investigation. They said someone could contact me to get more info. No matter what happens, I feel bad for the kids and hope they get whats best. It is a sad situation.
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