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what was the shipping cost? .3
the Grey Suede is phenomenal. Looks as tho it would feel like walking thru clouds barefooted!
Quote: Originally Posted by appolyon Tried and the glasses were pretty poor even after upgrading to better quality lenses. Besides they offer nothing in horn/tortoiseshell! there is a pair of Marc Jacobs large lens with uv protection@ my local TJMAXX. mens taboot. they have black frames and tortise!
recently i became a sucker for gator leather!
i use the nuetrogena sensitive shave set. seems to be doing wonders. no embrassions ect. they do market different ones for different skin types!
are the eyes better left out of ones appearance? or is this just to save a few $$?
and depending on how much you were looking to spend.... here are just a few personal suggestions: i think this one is a bit euro!
a black tan or brown LEATHER messenger would look very appealing along side a well dressed gentlemen. In fact I have one leather brown messenger bag and a canvas tan bag that i use all the time. I get compliments often altho they are of lesser degree than most.
*sips his Mango Green Tea* a morning ritual. one steeps his tea then sips it.
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