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Personally I was sad I missed out on the linen shirts, my sizes went fast. Hopefully Mauro does a similar shirt with some more colors in the future, I love linen tees.   I did grab the ombre button up though, pretty excited about that
Wolf versus Goat just added a bunch of shirts to their sale section -
Sale is live now
Hope the Minotaur gradient coats get restocked too. Loved the black and green, but slept on it trying to figure out sizing
Seems like a bunch of stuff was added to the sale section.   Also the blue ombre shirts are available which is great. I was so sad about missing the black ombre but now I'm glad I did
Ah got excited thinking I could combine the 20% off with the $50 first time buyer code. Still a great deal even without it
Flexing my yeezys with WvG jeans today, still going strong after 2 crotch patches. Really hope Mauro does another run, getting these fades was a lot of fun.
Nothing made me as sad as this being sold out
Anybody have pics of the green henley? The site has wildly different colors between the product pic and the fit pic
End of season sale at   Think you can use free+ship for free shipping as well
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