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I'm a little tempted by a pair of C&J Chelsea 5s (seconds), currently on Ebay. But they have a flaw which makes me hesitate. Does this look bad enough that it might affect the life expectancy of the shoe? http://i5.ebayimg.com/08/i/000/cd/29...1.JPG?set_id=7
Pretty cool MTO offer from Tricker on Ebay.
How about those measurements?
In a 13D? Mine...
I love them, particularly the solids -- but $145 seems a little on the expensive side for what I assume is a start-up.
Just out of curiosity, what are the other two?
Quote: Originally Posted by Bird's One View The buttons and holes look at least an inch too high on the sleeves. The sleeves look about an inch too long on the model. The jacket would look better on him with the sleeves taken up at the ends. I think an inch would make them look too short, but that's obviously in part a matter of personal preference. In any case it's not what I was asking -- what I was wondering is if the functioning...
I like the cut (and it's really only ever so slightly fashion forward, no?), but what about construction? Aren't Theory jackets fused? Edit: oh, and as for the functioning buttonholes -- given how far up the sleeve they are, it would be reasonably easy to shorten it by half an inch or so, no? Lengthening it would be the real problem, I imagine. Or is there no leeway at all if the buttonholes work, and all alterations have to be made from the shoulder?
Yoox confusion... They're currently listing a Kiton suit for a pretty good price, with the following note under the "Designer" rubric (Link): Quote: KITON Named "Best Young Designer" three times over by authoritative European institutions, Dirk Bikkembergs finds inspiration in the world of sports to create collections that pay tribute to an active and dynamic lifestyle. Is that just a Yoox weirdness or did Bikkembergs actually design a line...
In general, that's certainly true, but as Brian SD pointed out upthread, the "Tailor Made" line is perhaps a little less "signature." The cut of this suit isn't quite as a square as some of her others -- there is a degree of waist suppression. My tailors rather exaggerated that, though, and I hope whatever they're doing right now will restore the suit's proper line.
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