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You're doubtless right re. the RL, but thankfully, that's almost negligible for my purposes -- if anything, I'm trying to avoid too conservative a look. I have a very casual Dries suit in linen, which is pretty well made, but I don't have any experience with the build quality of his more formal garments, so any input on that front would be much appreciated. The RL is Italian and likely fully canvassed, right?
Yoox/Ebay deadlines approaching, and I'm a little stymied. Here's option #1, Dries van Noten on Yoox, $638: Yoox And here's option #2, RL Black Label on Ebay, $524: Ebay I have a navy suit and a charcoal pinstripe one, so neither would fill a major gap in my wardrobe (though the navy is two button, and not pinstripe, and the charcoal is three button, so there'd be some variation). My job doesn't really have a dress code -- anything from bespoke suits to jeans and...
Does anyone else get a "Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)" response when trying to access the STP website? Their Canadian website works, but it links to the main site for Menswear shopping, and produces the same response.
Thanks for all the advice. I think I'm not too fond of the feel of shell -- it's a little too thick and almost rubbery for my taste, so I think I will send them back. Like Albert, I found they're not quite what I was looking for right now; and once customs and tax were added, they weren't even that much of a bargain. Now all I have to see is if I can persuade GVH to take them back -- it's not until one reads the fine print of their shipping rules that one discovers that...
This may be silly, but as this is my first purchase of shoes of this quality (and, incidentally, my first time buying shoes online...), I thought it could hurt to ask. So: I bought two pairs of C&J made RLs from GVH last week: Tellmans and McCallums, both in 13D. They arrived this morning, seem to fit just fine, and the Tellmans are flawless and very impressive. The McCallums, sadly, less so. For one thing, the leather seems very stiff -- but I assume that's just the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Albert60 C&J made Polo McCallum DK Brn Shell Boots 13 D available. http://cgi.ebay.com/New-POLO-RALPH-L...QQcmdZViewItem Got them! A couple of Parsons still available, in 13 and 8.5 (and others?)
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