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Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin Well, with no Spoo around this week for the outrageous fits...I figured I should sack up. Holy shit -- that's some suit. I love the pattern (mis)matching between lapel and collar: very clever.
Quote: Originally Posted by sailorjerry1965 What kind of boots are appropriate for winter? I'm thinking of having to walk through some slush and wet sidewalks while wearing either a suit or slacks and a sport coat with either my topcoat or raincoat. I plan to take my shoes to change into with me. I'm thinking something like this: Opinions? They're hideous and not suitable for the...
Quote: Originally Posted by flalaw Oh, so a bigger collar size also relates to bigger body measurements too sometimes? Not sometimes: always (relative to shirts with a smaller collar in the same line from the same manufacturer).
Quote: Originally Posted by MensFashionJournal What are you talking about? Hate to break it to you, kiddo, but I suspect Mr Morel wasn't entirely sincere in his compliment. Quote: Originally Posted by MensFashionJournal I do read, thats why I responded. You were both asking me why I thought it looked awkward? and thats what I was responding about. Then you don't read good. Read again. Hint: there were no red...
Sounds like a bad idea, unless the body measurements of this two-sizes-too-big shirt somehow match those of a 15.5 shirt. If that is the case, for some reason, I suppose it doesn't matter that you'd never be able to button the top button and/or wear a tie with the shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by MensFashionJournal Uhm, first pose red shorts. Like I said I really do like the idea. Please don't take this in an offensive way, I'm sure your in excellent shape but I think the shirt is way to slim, focusing the viewer on his pectorals, and his belly (the shirt creates an illusion of a big belly). At least in my opinion. What are you talking about? He wasn't asking about NYR's outfit. Read.
Quote: Originally Posted by MensFashionJournal Thank you, I really like these glasses like I said in my "Honorable Mentions:" ( I think I'm gonna pull an Anna Wintour and make them my signature glasses. Er... read this.
Quote: Originally Posted by MensFashionJournal I like the look, but the fit of the pants and sports jacket is quite awkward. Couldn't disagree more. Very nice fit. Is the SC a Borrelli Linosa?
Quote: Originally Posted by computerpro3 Ideally you'd do it just before the oil starts smoking. You can tell when it's at proper temperature because it will start striating. Once the oil starts smoking it is breaking down and the taste changes. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Thank you for sticking up for me and others like me. - B Always happy to oblige, B.
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