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Quote: Originally Posted by steinwaytony I grabbed a NWOT BB Black Fleece OCBD from eBay a few months ago. I had a chuckle when I saw the seller hadn't bothered to rip the tag off that indicated the season the shirt was from: F/W 2007. But for $40 shipped, no sense in raising hell. Sadly, one just sort of expects it -- even from The Super Power Trusted eBay Sellers. I don't understand your point. The "n" in NWT/NWOT does not mean...
Yes. I might be a touch more cautious, but B&S is, generally speaking, pretty safe. At least in my experience.
I agree -- and I didn't mean to call Despos out in any way. On the other hand, the shortness of the sleeves in those photos (not yours) is obviously real and has nothing to do with a lack of photo skills. My point wasn't that those sleeves are too short per se -- I do believe sleeve length is a matter of personal choice -- but that if this weren't a bespoke suit, people would consider them too short, a reaction the same sleeves do not seem to get because the garment is...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I always like this Despos number that was posted on AAAC a few years ago: I like these -- not what I'd choose to wear, given the amount of structure, but very nicely shaped. One thing, though: clearly, the wearer (and/or Despos) decided to keep the sleeves that short. I'm fairly certain that if this were an RTW suit, people would say they're too short. No?
Quote: Originally Posted by jacnyr Would you feel more impressed if they said Mike Tyson or Justin Timberlake wears their suits? Er. No. But it would be good for them if they could name at least one person known for his style -- if not an outright style icon -- and still alive who wears their clothes. That's what the big name bespoke houses tend to do: go back into the illustrious past and link it to more contemporary clients. And whether...
It's not a bad video, but the whole "bespoke" angle just seems misguided. I also wonder if they couldn't have found SOMEONE post-1950s who's been known to wear their suits -- Clark Gable and Joe DiMaggio aren't exactly huge names to conjure with these days.
Quote: Originally Posted by GBR Your claimed poverty does nnot give you any right to waste their time. Good grief. Edit: Not sure Volpe is still around.
Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS Am I to assume that, in the real world, you the paragon of graciousness, understanding, and patience towards people who act like fools? I'm sure we all have our cuntly moments, but most of us don't celebrate them on the interwebs.
Quote: Originally Posted by Von Kaiser I noticed H&C shirts sell for 38 USD. I've read very general criticisms of H&C - e.g., they're "crap," they "suck," etc. I was hoping someone could provide me with specifics before I decide whether to buy a shirt. In my experience, their fabrics are subpar, but most annoyingly the collar and cuffs are extremely stiff and don't soften up at all over time. They feel cheap.
Quote: Originally Posted by sailorjerry1965 I followed the other link and really liked the brown Loake boots; very nice. Coming from the UK, however, they'd probably cost almost as much to ship as it would to purcahse them. You won't find much love for that look here - it's pretty much universally reviled in the SF community, and, to my mind, for good reason. Shipping from the UK isn't that bad. Certainly nowhere near as much as the price...
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