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Quote: Originally Posted by Lonneker Best drape I've seen in a while. Yeah, but what about the divots?
Quote: Originally Posted by Xiaogou ALL of his stuff is made in America, if that helps. At least the stuff he wears on his television show and at public events. What a patriot. Making American clothes manufacturers look like incompetent cretins every day. Heck of a job, Beckie.
Quote: Originally Posted by msameth This shirt is almost certainly old stock. Buttonholes are hand-sewn and the yolk appears to be lap-stitched (by hand) - features no longer present in the current production. Can't vouch for the rest. Seriously? They don't even do the buttonholes by hand anymore in the new version? That's just sad.
This is crazy -- what a steal! These should be selling like hot cakes given the price point....
Shoes are ugly, but the video is pretty cool. Could have gone further and into a more interesting direction with the sound design.
Quote: Originally Posted by geekshonors This is a piece of luggage I was interested in getting from Briggs and Riley,I'm not usually an accountability cop, but some dudes really chap my arse with the ignorance they use as a form of humor. Now this is an intriguing form of spam. Is it new?
Really! Interesting, and not half bad. How do you know it's BC?
Quote: Originally Posted by Siggy This is correct. Anyway, in English I assume a correct enough pronunciation is Blue-cher. It is like arguing how Americans should correctly pronouce the latin prononciation of cesar... Oh, but that surely isn't settled anywhere in the world!
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackhood I'm wondering if there may be some phonetic confusion as I pronounce Rue to rhyme with Tube, Lube and Harpoon, as well as the ü sound in German. Maybe I'm wrong in both languages, it wouldn't surprise me in the least. Interesting. Given that you're in the UK, you surely don't pronounce "tube" and "harpoon" the same, do you? But no, the "oo" in harpoon, or the flat American "oo" in "tube" or "news" are...
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackhood I thought the ü was more of an "oooh" sound? No, it's not. It's virtually the same as the French u (as in Rue, for instance). Much closer to "ee" than to "oo" in English.
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