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Do not listen to Bowtielover. The correct length of your jacket has NOTHING to do with the length of your arms. It looks like it just about covers your seat, which means it's just about acceptable; a little longer would be better, but this is nothing to worry about. I agree with what others have said about the shirt/tie combo. I'd also say the jacket's sleeves are fine, but your shirt sleeves are too short. If there's time, see if your tailor can let the jacket out at the...
I think they're great. I don't think they make them on the premises -- in the past, Drake's made for them, but that's no longer the case. From what the clerk told me last time I was in there and we discussed their Ancient Madder ties, they order their own fabrics (in the case of the Madders, from Macclesfield) and have them made up to their specifications. Mine are quite light and soft, with a very pliable interlining. They're very different from my T&As, which are...
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar A thousand years ago... What, before there was such a thing as "Britain"? That is artful.
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats I think it is just his posture ... Er... isn't that precisely the point? Unless you mean it's his posture in that picture (a posture he does not usually adopt). Baron -- do you mean a long front? I thought a short front resulted in the quarters scissoring.
Sounds entertaining enough, though when did "being British" become an "art"?
Quote: Originally Posted by Lonneker Best drape I've seen in a while. Yeah, but what about the divots?
Quote: Originally Posted by Xiaogou ALL of his stuff is made in America, if that helps. At least the stuff he wears on his television show and at public events. What a patriot. Making American clothes manufacturers look like incompetent cretins every day. Heck of a job, Beckie.
Quote: Originally Posted by msameth This shirt is almost certainly old stock. Buttonholes are hand-sewn and the yolk appears to be lap-stitched (by hand) - features no longer present in the current production. Can't vouch for the rest. Seriously? They don't even do the buttonholes by hand anymore in the new version? That's just sad.
This is crazy -- what a steal! These should be selling like hot cakes given the price point....
Shoes are ugly, but the video is pretty cool. Could have gone further and into a more interesting direction with the sound design.
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