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Quote: Originally Posted by UrbanComposition A fine day for tweed... Holy shit, those are some lapels. Who's the maker?
Jesus -- that looks bulletproof! Nicely put together, though I'm not wild about the collar bar.
PM sent!
Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR What does it mean when a jacket has unfinished sleeves? Can they be lengthen or shortened? Thanks Both.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy by Attolini. Hasn't been for years. It's now Kiton's secondary line.
Quote: Originally Posted by darks0ulz Sorry, but you do sound like a douche. I understand that people may be ignorant about sartorial matters, but that's not a reason to be condescending and rude. It's not helping them when you raise your voice at them... Dr Class: brilliant parody. Near pitch perfect, going too far into overdrive only in the last couple of paragraphs. Good work!
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving Ahh, yes, more obvious from the back. Most SF suit critique threads have only relied on the knuckles, since there's rarely a back shot. You don't need a back shot, assuming that the front of the trousers bears some relation to the back. "Bum" really means "set" here -- which is why the first set of photos, with the trousers hanging down, made everything look even worse.
Quote: Originally Posted by amplifiedheat No one who knows much of anything about clothing or anatomy uses knuckles as a rule. The simple fact is that the jacket is showing butt. Not just a hint of butt, but a sizeable fraction of butt. +1000. The knuckle-rule is the great myth that keeps getting perpetuated by the less informed members around here, always with an air of totally unfounded authority. The OP obviously -- no offense -- has fairly...
Quote: Originally Posted by kevinsp8 In a rush, off to work, but had to represent for the good old Ca-na-da. Again something off with the button stance here... that's what I get for buying consignment I guess. Tried to smile so I can cross-post this in www.amihotornot.com. I don't mind the button stance on this one -- do you think it's too low? The trousers could do with some slimming down and from the way the jacket creases horizontally,...
Trousers looks a million times better in the new pictures, but the jacket remains a disaster, I'm afraid. Look where the pockets sit relative to the bottom hem -- there's simply not enough space there to make the coat look anything other than too short. It looks like someone randomly chopped off two inches. The waist doesn't sit right, though I'm not sure it's too suppressed exactly. From the creasing across the small of your back, I wonder if the back's too long. The...
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