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It's not just next to U of T, it's in a U of T building -- home of the English & Philosophy departments and the Humanities Institute. BB is taking over the old BMO branch, about half the ground floor (there's also a lecture hall & a couple of smaller shops and cafes on the same floor).
Email sent.
How much material to let out the sleeves, assuming there are no functional button holes?
Yes please!
Wool/cotton blends sound great, but I'd also be interested in 100% cottons. Flat front, khakis, browns, greys. Would be interested in 2-3 pairs. Will need a 38 -- and prefer a rise of 10.5 inches or more. The Romanian Incotex can be a little snug on me. Thank you for doing this!
Sorry -- is the Capelli used?
Is the MaCo coat canvassed?
What are the fabric weights like? They all look fairly substantial -- are they?
Neither is a particularly good deal. The St Andrews maybe, since they're difficult to find, but the Cantarelli is still overpriced (check Yoox periodically for much, much better deals). The idea that anyone would sell (or buy) a half-canvassed Cantarelli for $1900 is kind of amazing to me. I don't think there's any risk you're going to get scooped on this, so would you ming sharing which boutique you're talking about? I had no idea there was a place in TO that sold St...
Base S is a very nice cut. I have no idea how anyone could consider it "boxy" -- it has natural, almost unpadded shoulders and nicely cut quarters. Armholes are fairly high, but not extreme. Waist suppression can always be adjusted by your tailor.
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