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PM sent.
For me, sport coat. Not much of a suit guy. I'd love to see more offerings in the cut of the hopsack coat, which looks great in the images.
Partly personal preference -- I don't love the shininess. But it also wears warm. It's one of the paradoxes of cloth making that summer suitings often are silk blends, even though silk is not an especially breathable fabric -- or so I'm told, at least.
Any kind of linen blend without silk would be great, pure linen (perhaps an Irish Linen) would be lovely. And anything in a linen/cotton/tropical wool fabric with a not-too-loud plaid.
Didn't see much of interest at Saks, I must say. Even the full-price RLPL stuff seemed really underwhelming -- overpriced RLBL, basically. Very little handwork. None of those lovely St Andrews buttonholes in sight. I couldn't see anything worth checking out on the sales racks either -- the best finds were probably some Zegna staples, including some navy suits in the Milano fit (around $1,000 IIRC). But a really uninspiring selection of sport coats from Isaia and Zegna.
Almost sold out of sport coats, or of the hopsack? I was going to stop by next week to have a look in person -- did they fly off the racks?
Ah, good old Styleforum. Where the correct length of a coat can be assessed, from the front, down to half inches. It doesn't look too short to my eyes or my taste. And since coat length is, up to a point, a matter of taste, I dare say it's not "too short." It's certainly not so short as to appear ridiculous -- it's not even short enough to appear fashion forward (or even in line with the majority of jackets now sold RTW in Italy).
Coat is not too short. Trousers are not seriously too long, though they could be trimmed by a bit, depending on your personal preference. Looks like there might a slight pitch issue with your left sleeve -- side and back pictures tend to be more revealing that frontal shots. The lapels are a little narrow for my taste; you could certainly wear wider ones.
One to add to the product placement list: Scrabble. Q's mug. Hated the suits -- never mind the tightness, they were also extremely Italian in styling (shoulders, breast pocket, etc.). And one of the first shots shows Bond with a cuff button undone. Please. Loved the Aston Martin, especially the irony of making it a bit clunky and uncomfortable. Wish there's been more irony elsewhere. I thought the franchise had got over not knowing what to do with women beyond the bed...
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