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Thanks for the love, guys. @HansderHund I actually thrifted everything she's wearing in that picture, too. Top is LRL, 100% silk. Some LRL in women's stuff is actually pretty nice--comparable to most PRL in men's. Jacket & pants are both recent mainline Armani.
Took my grandmother to see Itzhak Perlman tonight.Deets: [[SPOILER]]
Speaking of thrift fits, took my grandmother to see Itzhak Perlman tonight. 1964 bespoke tuxedo RLBL shirt Sulka bowtie Mappin & Webb cufflinks Pantherella socks RLPL x EG slippers RLPL sunglasses
Ah no worries, no one can know everything. Gonna watch this store and hope a jacket pops up, too.
Thanks! But dang, I was hoping you'd be one with more info.Congrats, Spoo.
Still have a few more hours of photos to take for the night, but I thought I'd take a quick break to share this. Here she is...Brown's Beach Vest [[SPOILER]] The label looks '20s style to me. Most of the completed listings are for '40s & '50s, and the closest label I've found was from a '20s version that sold on a vintage clothing dealer's site. I have a feeling someone on here will have a knowledge base of these.
So I picked up a vintage piece of clothing today because I thought it was cool and knew it was pretty old. Just looked it up for the heck of it, and let's just say, when I post it there will probably be SW&D-head boners popping up.
I have this same RLPL SC and love it. Made by Caruso and has more of an RLBL cut. Reasonable BIN--saw the same coat (used) sell on auction for around $600 almost exactly a year ago: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=201005600756&globalID=EBAY-US
Rant is awesome, but I'll always appreciate Vonnegut more--defo read more of him. Picked up 60s Italian made globe bookends few weeks ago, too. Love uniquebookends.Wish the bases were, but they're filled metal--most likely cast iron. I don't think they were super high end, but definitely better than average quality.
New Posts  All Forums: