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I used to drive cool cars, but now I drive way too much to make that practical. I've driven 10,000 miles since August, so it's a VW diesel for me: Did essentially thrift it--paid $3000 under private party book value. Could probably make money if I sold if right now.
MOTHERFUCKING GRAIL STATUS SOFA!!!!!!!!!!!!! One step closer to having an RL showroom... So stoked gonna go run a marathon.
Will proxy.
I actually walked right past them to look at a KEF sub, since my father had put that on his wishlist of things for me to thrift. I hear some lady say, "Oh wow, planar speakers!" My heart sank as I looked over and noticed I walked right past a grail of mine. Luckily she only thought it was cool to see and didn't actually want to buy them. I couldn't carry them to the register fast enough. Now that I have these and that Threshold pre-amp I was gifted, I just gotta thrift a...
Speakers? Found a set of these a few weeks ago. Sound fucking fantastic. Longtime grail.
Thanks, guys. Spoo posted a legit Cifonelli a week or two ago, I think. This is "just" a RTW by St.Andrews.
Today was a good day.
Cavallino Classic is coming up, what do I get if I post pictures of 4-5 of them?
First a different kind of brag. Had the opportunity to go to an event in Palm Beach and meet Butch & Melinda Trucks. My face is ridiculous so I edited it out, the girl next to me is the most stunning girl I've ever met or seen, and then the legend himself:HUGE shoutout to Ian for the SICK 100% cashmere RLBL cardigan featured. Decided a little whimsy was in order, because if you can't be whimsical in Palm Beach, where can you be? My palette was inspired by this Melinda...
Speaking of music, just got back from Bear Creek Music Festival. Seriously thinking about living out a van and only going to music festivals for the rest of my life.
New Posts  All Forums: