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Patience paid off! 100% to Toys for Tots.
Thank you, sir.
Love the jacket. If that's all you found, you can't be on my lawn, but that backdrop looks a lot like it...
My first thought was Japanese. I spent 10 days in Japan several years ago and learned there is actually a growing population of Christians. I believe the wood is Luan, which is produced in Japan, but other Asian countries as well. The quality of the work is better than the average kitsch made for tourists.
Can anyone translate, please?
A tall glass of cherry pop.
That's if the Italian isn't too busy repairing something on his bike, or the Japanese aficionado isn't too busy installing a useless drag racing swingarm on his Hayabusa.Really, though, I love Italian bikes, too, but the sound of an air-cooled boxer engine gets me every time.
I've only been once, to Hamburg where my parents were born and where I have a good amount of family history. I was very young so I only recall a few things. Going back and seeing the whole country is on my list of things to do within the next year... Yes. That's it to a T. In one discussion with the family that was here, I mentioned that I'd just earned a BA and my great uncle's response was, "Und was machst du nächst?" Translated, "And what are you going to do next?"Yes....
@size 38R Please don't retaliate and send this thread into another argument. I don't think you mean the things you say the way people may take them, but you're often out of line with common decency. Now I'd like to derail the thread myself momentarily. I'm a first generation American born to German immigrants. German was my first language and my first day of Pre-K I didn't speak a word of English. I still remember trying to Americanize some German words to... My birthday is three days after this auction, in case anyone is wondering what to get me.
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