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For AE level, no. For Lobb, EG, G&G, etc., possibly.Speaking of experience, can anyone recommend a quality re-weaver? Doesn't matter if I have to send away - I want the best quality work possible.
B. Nelson (a forum sponsor, I believe) will beat that price for the same (if not even better) service. They have two levels of re-crafting. Re-crafting isn't necessarily something you should leave to someone without knowing their reputation.
Swiss Made Bally charcoal grey lace-ups. These are gorgeous and lightly worn.Shoe trees not included.Yours for $60 shipped to the USAPlease PM to discuss international shipping.Allen Edmonds Park Ave. 9.5DClassic staple shoes yours for only $70 shipped to the USA SOLDPlease PM to discuss international shipping [[SPOILER]]
These will be up on eBay within the next week. I am offering them to the SF Community first at a discounted rate. Feel free to send reasonable offers. Sutor Mantellassi two-tone blue/grey suede penny loafer. I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking here. These are incredible. MSRP $500 Yours for $225>$175 shipped to the US Please PM to discuss international shipping Sizes available: 10 11 SOLD Measurements* 10 – Interior Length 11.5” x Exterior Width 3.75” 11 –...
Still no pants for those Zegna suits. Looks like those Holland & Sherry buttons will indeed be getting some use soon...No Cucinelli or Edward Green today, but some decent finds.(sorry about some shitty pics - I'm too lazy to adjust the settings for white garments) [[SPOILER]] The fabric on this is fucking orgasmic...Somebody school me on these. They fit well, but have no content tag/where they were made, etc... [[SPOILER]] Staple color PRL by Corneliani pants all tagged...
I went back today to look for pants. No pants. But...And this, for any 42L that might be interested: [[SPOILER]] Just a quick check-in. I will reply to all the PMs and such from last night later on tonight.
So, after the eBay shenanigans, I took some time off from thrifting, and this thread. Still browsed it a little here and there just so no grail pieces from trading partners would slip through without notice. First day back today and...best. day. ever.Not my most expensive finds ever, nor rarest or oddest patterns, but a few first-time finds. The best part being that everything I loved fits me nearly perfectly. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] All the...
I e-mailed the Rostand company, but have not heard back. Hoping they can shed some light on age. Make me a fair offer and it can be yours.
So... Are there any maritime collectible experts? I asked yesterday, but had no pics. Got this Rostand brass porthole at an auction a couple years ago. I have no idea of the age and I was hoping someone here could help me identify its age and/or value. [[SPOILER]]
Somebody school me on Margiela. Found this the other day: [[SPOILER]]
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