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I win.
My favorite find of the day isn't often a woman's piece, but today...
I consider this a thrift brag since thrifting has paid for my education so far, and it seems to be paying off: Submitted a poem to The New Yorker for fun, and, though I won't be published yet, this is a pretty exciting response.
First up, shoutout to Fueco for this SWEET Viyella x Gant shirt as a prize for winning his thrift fit contest. Never been able to find a Viyella shirt that fits, so thanks bro! And now some crappy teaser pics!Sulka e-thrifts came todayThis must've been a custom job, dated 1989. The silk feels RIDONKULOUS [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Shells
Isaia Sciammeria 150s suit 42-44 $190 shipped http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=331115105362&globalID=EBAY-US
Found two more of these--even the larger 6 cup version. Coffee geeks should definitely check out Homegoods. Staub & Le Creseut stuff on sale, too, just not cheap enough for me yet.
It's not the La Pavoni I want, but this is a sick deal for BNIB. By the response I got from the Chemex warmer, I figured of give a heads up to the fellow coffee geeks to not overlook Homegoods on your TJX runs.
This is funny because he's one of my biggest influences.
If I had been given two chances to pick Nataku out of a lineup of two people, I'd have gotten it wrong both times.
Since we're still on cars, I'd like to address the reliability issue. A few years ago, Toyota built cars that accelerated by themselves and killed a bunch of people. This from one of the supposed most reliable makers. Honda has had recent engine recalls. No car manufacturer is immune from such things. A Ferrari has way more soul than some silly Japanese car that was born out of imitating a mid century American muscle car.
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