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Thank you, all. Sorry - the robe is not available. It's a little small on me, but the silk feels like fucking heaven.
And here it is:Sulka - pure cashmere, all silk lined. Incredible. e-thrift. [[SPOILER]] Picked up an AWESOME Corneliani triple patch pocket SC made of linen and raw silk, on deep discount. If anyone finds this cut/50dr9, hit me up--it's literally the perfect cut for me.Ridiculous [[SPOILER]] Don't get much art in here so...Marc Hanson oil on primed board [[SPOILER]] 1886 etching of a painting by SJ Carter, engraved by Alfred Lucas [[SPOILER]] Herbert Dicksee etching, 1926...
Hey guys, Nelson Mandela just passed: http://mobile.nytimes.com/2013/12/06/world/africa/nelson-mandela.html Sad day.
Sulka silk tux jacket 40R - $99 shipped http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=370957675093&globalID=EBAY-US
Naw. If I even make it your way this year, it'll only be for a few days at best.
You're in my prayers, div25sec9. YA BOIIIII
That Tom Ford... Something old: [[SPOILER]] Something new: [[SPOILER]] And a bonus: [[SPOILER]]
Twice baked potatoes are baked once to soften the inside, then scooped out of the skin, mixed with various things to one's taste, usually including cheese, then put back in the skin, and baked again. The cheese browns on top and melts inside and it's amazing. Happy Thanksgiving, all.
Depends on the type of driving you do.For short or sporadic driving like city driving, a Toyota Prius makes the most sense. Even though I hate the car and it's actually worse for the environment from birth to death than a Hummer (mostly due to the toxic nature of the battery), it is well suited for this driving style: energy from braking charges the battery. In many cases, the Prius will get better gas mileage in-town than on the highway because of this.For extended trips,...
New Posts  All Forums: