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Hit me up if any of that is a 38R and you want to pass it along...
Masterfully hand tailored in Italy by Caruso. Fully canvassed, of course. 3-roll-2, dual vent, very little shoulder padding Chest: 44” Sleeves: 27” (1” to let out) Shoulder: 19.5” Length: 32” There are a few minor stains, but they will look as if they will come out easily. I am pricing accordingly. Buy this now before I try to get the stains out myself, or wait until I do and have to raise the price accordingly.
This thing is just plain awesome. Fully canvassed, partially lined, amazing fabrics, AND mother of pearl buttons. MOP buttons have a few small chips on some, but nothing noticeable or serious. Did I mention this thing is awesome? Don't miss this one. It'll haunt your dreams if you do... Chest: 48” Sleeves: 26” (.5” to let out) Shoulder: 20” Length: 32”
Made in Switzerland, fully canvassed, and a staple color: the recipe for a baller-tastic coat. If you don't have a navy blazer, you need one. Get it! Staple colors don't show up every day, and here's your chance to get a bargain. No vent Chest: 48” Sleeves: 23.5” (3/4” to let out) Shoulder: 20.5” Length: 31”
Rare find here: staple blazer in a rare size. Awesome buttons on this thing as well. Fully canvassed. These opportunities don't come along often, so don't miss out! Chest: 40” Sleeves: 24” (.75" to let out) Shoulder: 17.5” Length: 30”
Much appreciated.Two more questions:and
This suit is AWESOME. I doubt you'll ever find something like it on B&S again. It's also a staple color, so you can be ballin' at work. Has all the usual Oxxford accoutrements: fully canvassed, superior materials, unmatched quality. Don't miss this one - it's rare! Chest: 44” Sleeves: 26” Shoulder: 18” Length: 32” Waist: 37” (1.25” to let out) Total length: 44.5” Inseam: 33” (4” to let out if cuffs taken out) Rise: 13” There are a few marks around where the belt...
Made from the world-renowned Harris tweed fabric, this masterfully tailored sport coat will be the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Chest: 50” Sleeves: 26.5” Shoulder: 21” Length (BOC): 30.5”
Do these really fit like 11? Really like these...Anyway, some seriously cool stuff here:Really cool Dunhill chess setSmythson cigarette caseRLPL lambskin jacketREALLY cool match holder and strikerIn case you were looking for a box full of broken leather bindersyour search is over!Unique EGsSeriously cool Brigg umbrella with sterlking duckhead handlePRL tweed – currently reasonableCool Peal specsFU E&R waistcoatEnglish made compassHardy Amies leather garment bagSweet...
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