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Thrift Fit! Sulka pure cashmere & silk lined robe Charvet pajamas Peal & Co. Grecian slippers RL sofa
@eazye jacket looks better on you than it ever did on me. Glad it finally found a good home. I hadn't been to any of my honeyhole TJX stores lately, but the thread gave me the itch. I was incredibly selective. A couple painful near misses for stuff I'd want: INCREDIBLE RLPL flannels (too big), COOLESTFUCKING southwestern inspired linen/silk hooded sweatshirt (too big), and a SWEET Corneliani silk/linen safari coat in the libido tickling 50dr9 that fit me perfectly, but...
Hey guys, I'll be swimming to thrifts tomorrow.
That Corneliani 50dr9 is a great cut. Everyone: find me one in every color, please. This is straight OTR.
I'm meh on hats altogether, but this is purely functional. I hate cold ears.And oh yeah, I meant to comment. +1 on this.
We've come upon our one cold day a year in Florida, so here's a thrift/discount fit to celebrate. Vintage Patagonia Roy jeans Abington boots Mountain Hardwear beanie
That reminds me: put a new saddle on the Sultan. Swift with titanium rails
I usually just switch into my Doc Brown voice and say:
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