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Ohh, I do remember seeing that. Great find! What component set does it have on it? Some were equipped with Camagnolo. Mine is a mixed set of Shimano Dia-Compe, SunTour, and I forget what else.The bike is in pretty bad shape, though. The derailleurs have seized, there's some rust in places, hubs are rough, aluminum totally oxidized. But it will certainly be a fun project! Weird. I have that exact same pair of shoes in that crazy 7D size. I'm a 10.5D and they're even too big...
It's a close match. While I got mine for free, yours is in perfect condition. I'm going to spend more than $20 restoring it. I'm actually thinking about making it a bare-bones singlespeed for cruising around town and campus when I go back for another degree soon.You picked up the exat same model? Weird.
You actually got a pretty good deal yourself. I have two on my watchlist that I was using for research--one currently at $125, one at $150. I'm gonna travel through my area tomorrow searching TJMaxxs and Marshalls to see if I can find anything else good.
I couldn't believe these were marked at what they were. Even less than what you paid.
Speaking of awesome TJMaxx finds, I found these today: Persol 2720-S Polarized Same ones Daniel Craig wore: I'd be interested in trading for Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck or similar style quality. Example: If not, these are going on eBay with .99 start.
So, guys, what's better than finding a vintage road bike at a thrift store for $30? Finding one in someone's trash pile for FREE! My parents just brought me a vintage Trek 510 they found on the side of the street. It's rough, but it'll be a damn fun project.
I think you could more than that.
I've found Pal Zileri Sartoriale ties that had that stitching on the outside, but the composition tag looks like the ones on my Isaia 7 folds.
I've often entertained the thought of taking eBay to court for this. Either that, or getting together a large group of my computer programmer buddies and creating a better online auction site, with lower fees, better customer service, etc. Someday...
Ohhhhh. I'd be interested if those don't work out for you.TheWGP - I might be interested in an even trade. I'll take a look at some green mixers and see if I like the color.
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