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You did very poorly. You should have found them in a 30.But really, that's a good price. They usually go for at least $50 used on eBay.
In that case...DIBS!
Excellent pair of BB by Alden white bucs. SOLD!
As the title says.
So, been trying to avoid thrifting and the temptation of this thread a bit, as there was a bike I've been lusting after for about a year or so that popped up on eBay. Was trying to conserve funds, but it ended over my budget, so the thrifting binge continues...First, NOS Sidi bike shoes. Nearly shit myself when I saw them in the case. Then when I realized they were women's. So, off to the 'Bay... [[SPOILER]] Some ties... The Saks one is available. The rest I fancy....
Pretty good deal on some cordovans with some minor defects for the smaller footed among us: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=320909669793
Absolutely stunning Goyard trunk: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=140754083724
All available except the Ferragamo lady bugs & horseshoes: Top row - Left to right Ferragamo Ben Silver 3.5" Hilditch & Key 3.75" Bottom Row - Left to right Polo made in USA 3.5" Barbera 3.75" Aquascutum 3.75" BNWOT Hilditch & Key 16.5"/42 - Available Still has the plastic bit holding the collar up
Are those Jodhpur boots around a us10.5D?
Passing is a good idea.Uh, the most obvious is the graphics. The neon colors are a dead giveaway to that era.It's unlikely anything within the past 5-7 years would be fully rigid like that Fuji (fully rigid = No suspension front or rear). Every MTB, even at the lowest end, now at least includes front suspension. That's not to say that there aren't still fully rigid bikes made, but the entry level you're looking at it's very likely it will have a suspension fork.Stick to...
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