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Alignment of the magnifier looks off.Also, can't believe I only just noticed this, but is the crown at the 12 o'clock position missing?
Already edited my original response. I was off on a few things, and that's one of them. I forgot how poorly made some parts of a Rolex were in the history of the company (sorry).Post a close up of the magnifier from the side at an angle, and from the watch face head-on. The magnifier is usually a good indicator.
Edit: some of my reasoning was off, but I still vote fake on the Rolex. The only way to know for sure is have it opened up by a reputable dealer.
Kartell Heywood Wakefield
Top 3 from the last week. Carlo Nason for Mazzega floor lamp Signed Murano glass sculpture Ballin Hancock & Moore chesterfield
I really doubt it's 1800s. There's very little age to the paint, canvas, or stretcher. Most likely 1971. If it were 100+ years old, it would look more like this: Asian decorative stuff was really popular in the mid century and on. A lot of it was decoration-only quality, which, I'm sorry I say, I think this painting is. You can find lots of similar stuff here: https://www.etsy.com/search?q=asian+boat+painting&order=most_relevant&view_type=gallery Of course I could be...
SF pebble grain w Vibram gumlite soles. Available
Probably one of the coolest finds ever: Original, hand drawn panels (complete with corrections and approval checks) of a 1974 comic from Mandrake the Magician--from the same creator and illustrator as The Phantom. Definitely n/a.
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