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Langlitz? You find another one ~38...
I kept trying Barkley and completely overlooked Berkley.Seriously, though, thank you. Hit me up if you need anything.
Was an art kind of day. I've decided to start picking up and flipping stuff I'd normally leave behind, so everything but the photograph and the weird lady are available. Painting by Robert Scott Early 1900s photograph of the Breakers hotel in Palm Beach taken by Frank Turgeon Jr, a notable Palm Beach photographer at the time. It's not an original print from the time, but looks to be printed from the original negative. May have to drop by the historical society and find...
Not a spray. It's a concentrate you dilute in water and soak whatever you want to deodorize. It's made up of natural microbial ingredients, so it's better for the environment, too, I think.
It's worth it, especially if it's your first L level lens. Glass is always a safe investment, but you can also rent one pretty inexpensively to try it out before you buy.
Looks like an homage to a Submariner. Most likely made not to trick, but to provide a cheaper, similarly styled, though lower quality, product. Like US Polo Assn vs Polo by RL.
Never installed http://shop.ferguson.com/product/kohler-K7514-vibrant-stainless-684026
Tom Ford employee uniforms are made in China. I don't know if it's "real," but I wouldn't count it out as fake yet.
Those are well styled, but if the Filson duffel is constructed anything like my rucksack, it's the last bag you'll ever have to buy. The Herschel stuff I've seen is decent, but nowhere near the Filson.
For cleaning things that smell of mold, mildew, and bacteria, I can't recommended this enough: http://m.rei.com/product/694530/mcnett-mirazyme-odor-eliminator It saved an old Eureka tent fly, and I was able to save a Mulholland Brothers garment bag I thrifted that smelled of mildew. Speaking of, Mulholland Brothers I can't recommend enough either--the leather handles and trim are so well impregnated, they looked good as new after having been submerged in the solution for...
New Posts  All Forums: