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Brown is a popular color for tuxes right now. You can pair the odd jacket with some sort of tartan.He does very well selling, so don't expect to extort him. Just find something you like for yourself in his store and offer to trade.
I'm in.
Thank you, sir. Yes, same Giovanni. He's in his 80s but still going strong.
Thrift fit.
Been sick all week. Woke up with a gut feeling. http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/20735/lot/277/
The Orazio Luciano suit I found last year had single pleats and I was so bummed it didn't fit. Single pleats are
Ah sweet, thank you for posting. That coat is And speaking of cool coats, here is Giovanni and his wife. They recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.
And now for two announcements:First, we will be offering Made To Order smoking jackets based on the patterns we created for my coats, as seen here: [[SPOILER]] We can cut just about any fabric to work for this, and can have custom quilted lapels sewn in almost any fabric desired (lapels may also be self-faced). I opted for an unlined sleeve, but a sleeve lining can easily be added. Slight adjustments will be made to the pattern based on measurements you provide, including...
Thank you! And thank you! Thank you, too! If you have pictures of the Meledandri stuff available, I'd love it if you could post them here.Thank you, sir. The shorter coat is actually a lightweight Pendleton wool--similar to a tropical weight coating fabric. I'll be wearing that one often in this area, anytime the temperature drops. The longer coat is a heavy Pendleton blanket material which will be reserved for special occasions. Though Friday night in north Florida, it...
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