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Thanks for the heads up. I'll investigate. That place in Cali gets a lot of love here, so I was considering them but I always prefer local--I'd hate for this to be lost in the mail.Working on the museum. If I sold it to you, the last thing either of us would hear is a Ferrari V8 at 9,000 rpm hurtling towards us.If you outlive me, you can bid on it at my charity estate auction.You know where I am if times get tough. I'd be happy to play pawn shop for awhile.
It would have to be taken in a bit, but what's chopped away would be used to re-weave the little bits of damage. Tailor is not a problem. The best part of living in the New Yorker's ideal retirement destination is that the best of what NYC has to offer ends up here. I believe he used to work with Kabbaz, and has been mentioned on SF countless times as one of America's best tailors.I'd imagine after tailoring and re weaving, I'd be in close to $500, but I only paid $30 for...
Tenor--unless the aforementioned Mark VI--is all yours. I'm content with my Series III. Sorry to hear you had to sell yours, though. I only ever see student level instruments otherwise id offer to hook you up.
It hurts to think about the possibilities that a member here has walked past a Mark VI without buying it.Also I will fight you for the soprano.
Speaking of winter coming, two of my favorite recent useless-for-Florida pick-ups: [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
White or black cashmere henley (fitted) over blackwatch or camo jeans (N&F and others) with black pebble or regular grain (even better: cordovan) cap toe boots. Dark blue jeans should work, too.
Time to revive this thread. Found a long time ago, but don't think I've ever posted it here.1953 A. Sulka & Co. smoking jacket. Silk inside and out. [[SPOILER]]
I posted this here when I found it, but Spoo mentioned it in a PM the other day, prompting me to pull it out of my vintage clothing collection to admire it--as I do every so often--because the craftsmanship really is extraordinary. Except this time I finally noticed where the bespoke tag is--in the breast pocket. There's a whole new generation of regulars in this thread, so I figured it may not be a bad idea to take a picture of the tag and the date tag to aid in any...
Brown tuxedos are actually big right now. Sid Mashburn carried one by Caruso, Isaia makes a tux in just about every color, and I felt the same way until I found this and tried it on:which I forgot to post with that long post a week or so ago.And this 100% cashmere PRL houndstooth shirt
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