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I wouldn't normally say anything, but you didn't use commas correctly either time."...help my friend, Jack, off a horse.""...help my friend jack off a horse."Though neither make it clear whether youre killing the horse or helping Jack dismount.
Or just return them to Nordstrom.
Dehner boots and some cool Inuit art engraving by Pitseolak Ashoona litho by Kananginak Pootoogook
A couple cool things today but this is definitely the highlight.
Ferragamo marked 9.5D Canali marked EU52 e-thrift ~10% rule Kiton x Lattanzi velvet slippers (def na)
Diggin this (na)
He's right - It's shit here compared to even a year ago. Too many reasons to go into but I barely even bother looking at clothing anymore because most of the good stuff doesn't make it to the floor anymore.
PM sent.
Congrats, dude, house is beautiful. Something like that would be a few million around here...Best 3 things from today: Berk slippers 10.5D, Coach briefcase, and the most AWESOME set of mid-century hand made in Italy coconut cup/bowls by Ed Langbein. Cups are definitely n/a.
Just got a really good deal on a pair of brand new Kiton velvet slippers, so I'll make these available here.RLPL x EG 10.5D [[SPOILER]]
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