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thanks for the heads upThat's what she saidFixed
This painting... [[SPOILER]] Painting by Liz SegallZanone polo in what they call their Ice Cotton. PLEASE find me more. This fabric is perfect for the upcoming 110f 3000% humidity summer...
I will trade you one mid level polo graphic sweater for that Pringle cardigan
Gonna take the Price is Right approach:86.78I wouldn't mind this staying in the thread. Developing personal style is difficult, and I think others could benefit from reading and thinking about input from others.If you're only going to be working with several items, it's important to make every item you buy cohesive with the rest. The color and proportions should all work with each other. You'll have to know what colors complement your complexion.For pants, these three are...
Oil painting I'm giving to my parents for their cabin. Probably painted in the 20s/30s or so.More pics of the flight helmet [[SPOILER]] Painting by Lloyd Garrison. His Revolutionary Way-themed paintings do quite well. [[SPOILER]] Cotton/cashmere Rota cords [[SPOILER]] Charles Cotonay chick's shirt [[SPOILER]] Three Graces repro by Alva Museum Reproductions. Original is in the Louvre [[SPOILER]] BNIB Thurston bracesBNWOB SLP heels1954 bespoke, navy blue, double breasted,...
Hermes prints all their own silk, and those ties are all made in France. But the knits can be made in Germany, Italy, or France. The tags for regular prints, scarf prints, and knits all vary from each other.
What looks off to you? The font looks right, the accent is facing the correct way, the tag is tacked twice on each side. Th weaving is also done well and is similar to other Hermes knits.
[[SPOILER]] The Hermes is legit, btw.
Crittenden Rawlings left Oxxford to start his own company, Crittenden, several years ago. I think they're all made in China but to a pretty good standard. I've come across a few and they seemed great for personal use.Edit: nvm, he didn't leave Oxxford, he was already retired.
New Posts  All Forums: