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Picked this up because I liked it, then looked up what the last one sold for. Will promptly be listing it... Corneliani PRL x Corneliani Patagonia softshell
Two paintings by Bernard Klonis (he's part of the Met collection: http://www.metmuseum.org/collection/the-collection-online/search/487974) Haven't figured this one out yet And two watercolors by Harriett Lattanzi. Not as well known but couldn't leave them for the price
3 post-1955 Hitchcock chairs
Surprisingly reasonable price for 1stdibs for a beautiful Sulka silk dinner jacket. Interior tag is the same as the one I have, so if you do buy it, check the interior of the breast pocket for bespoke info (name, date). https://www.1stdibs.com/fashion/clothing/jackets/mens-sulka-silk-jacquard-smoking-jacket/id-v_68496/
Had the feeling I was going to find more art today, and I did. Love this one but can't read the damn signature Was expecting this to be a print with a signature on the back but when I took it apart I noticed it was an original, with initials on the front
That's what she said.
I sold a flag 30~ years newer than that one to a museum for over $300. You'll do well--just make sure when you photograph that it doesn't touch the ground because that's a serious no-no.
Also picked up two paintings today. LOVE this one and one by Charles Burdick (http://www.rogallery.com/Burdick/burdickhm.htm)
Final found a suitable ottoman for the RL sofa, covered with shantung! Turned wood legs and brass casters to boot. Also a book of men's adventure magazine illustrations published by Taschen.
So I discovered the extra fabric on the CdG folds into a shawl lapel. So this coat has my two favorite lapel styles combined into one! Some dat Armani pour femme Favorite piece I've found in awhile. As usual, translation is appreciated.
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