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What the hell, im in for the cover band. But can I be Creative Director? EazyE will do all the designs and I'll tell him which are good. On a related note, if any regular on the thread has ever wanted to have a MTM suit made, PM me and let's talk. I will accept good trades towards a good portion of the retail price to members that have been a valuable part of the community here. Even if you haven't been around long, but are interested, shoot me a PM and we'll see what...
Thank you all for the kind words. Here's Giovanni in his early days accepting an award For this suit:
Yeah, my heart stopped, I started shaking, and I whispered under my breath, "Oh my God." [[SPOILER]]
Magnepan. Started in the late '60s by the guy who invented the planar ribbon. A planar ribbon is basically a sheet of aluminum foil glued to a sheet of film. A cone speaker move its cone to produce sound, while the ribbon in a planar moves to create sound. Every speaker has its pros and cons. Some pros to the ribbon design are a very realistic sound with an incredible soundstage. Some cons are lack of dynamic range and lack of bass. Magnepan releases new versions...
Thank you so stokedActually the second pair of Maggie's I've found--picked up a pair of MG-I improved couple years ago.
Almost as tall as me. Van for reference.Got them home and hooked them and
Oh hey
Hey guys, had to check out for a while. Few reasons, but this is the biggest: http://www.styleforum.net/t/502470/giovanni-gagliano-1935-2015 Will be active again soon. Will also be working with a new tailor (old friend of Giovanni), as well as adding MTM suit and shirt options soon. Starting saving up some good trade pieces towards some of the MTM cost. I'll work with you guys to dip your toes into the custom end of the menswear spectrum. Cheers.
It is with a heavy heart that I am informing the StyleForum community that my good friend and mentor, Giovanni Gagliano, passed away about two weeks ago. His talent at tailoring was only surpassed by his talent of making you feel like family, whether you’d known him for five minutes or 50 years. He was patient, exacting, and effervescent—his love of life radiated in his demeanor and the clothes which he cut. He was loyal—he and his wife, Angela, had celebrated their 51st...
Full listing and pictures here: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=111702527578&globalID=EBAY-US New, with extra buttons included. Measures a pretty typical 44 with slightly longer than normal sleeves. Working cuffs.
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