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Corner bar cart made in Italy by Casprini.
appreciate all the help guys. Now that I realized its meant to sit on a table, I'll actually use it. I'll try to post better pics in daylight sometime. The grain on this is beautiful.
Lol this is like the blue/black v. white/gold dress thing. I really appreciate all the input from everyone.
Update: It became clear this was intended to be a bowl when I got home and set it on the table. I'm a doorknob.
Yep. Every so often something good will show up.As best as I can tell, this thing is a sculpture meant to hang from a shelf. It's signed and dated 51 or 57. It's very well made, perfectly balanced.
I couldn't decide whether it was mahogany, teak, or koa.In related news I know exactly what kind of wood I just found
@impuntura @txwoodworker I can't decide what kind of wood this is
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