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Picked up a pair of replica Wassily chairs today. They look like this:
$3 for an old school Brooks Brothers leather duffel. Will clean up a bit and probably use it to store roadside emergency supplies in the car Karma is funny. Literally just a few days ago I passed on a bespoke cream dinner jacket to another member, and today I find one equally as well made--hand padded lapels--tailored in Moygashel linen. Just gotta let down the sleeves a touch.
Industria brand Italian made motorcycle jacket with beefy Lampo zips, Stubbs, Hermes, Ferragamo Jacket fits well enough to keep for the upcoming bike
This forum is amazing. PM incoming!
Better picture. Upon closer inspection, it's painted on silk and the silk looks pretty old. Polo leather jacket BNWT O'Neill Hyperfreak boardshorts. Fabric on these is really cool--super stretchy and dries up faster than a sorority girl at a comic book convention. and no-seam inseam = no rash
Holy crap - thank you!What do you make of this? That was written on the back of this. It's all painted by hand, and pretty darn well, too.
Can anyone read this?
Good night so far Went to thre grand opening of EmKo Palm Beach, an art gallery slash restaurant slash coffee bar slash gourmet market: Then hit up an old dchool Palm beach restaurant and bar for a nightcap, made friends with the bartender and owner, consumer drinks made specially for us not on the menu, and wandered worth ave tipsy Gnight gents!
Well as hard as I tried, I couldn't find a Hockney today...Great Locomotive Chase etching. Artist isn't all that desirable, but train and civil war collectors aren't afraid to spend money, so I thought this would be a safe bet for the price. [[SPOILER]] Painting by an Else Müller, probably about 80 years old or so.
My best suggestion is to not bother. Orlando sucks.
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