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This is exactly where Id expect to see "thrift funded Brioni MTM!!!"
Speaking of tacky yet expensive
I thought we agreed you'd only call me that via PM.
This one's not available.
I was quoted a starting price of $5,500 for MTM at a Brioni store last year.
Haven't seen a TT in decent condition in a long time. Definitely won't replace the Thorens from Nat, but not a bad TT for the price. Dual 1257. Available
Anyone interested in a 100%withoutadoubtdefinitelymadeintheisaiafactory 100% cashmere sport coat? 3-2, dual exhaust.
Anyone here like cashmere/silk Brioni in houndstooth? Chest: 45.5” Sleeves: 26.25” Shoulders: 19” Length (BoC): 31"
Alignment of the magnifier looks off.Also, can't believe I only just noticed this, but is the crown at the 12 o'clock position missing?
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