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Never even seen anything decent, even marked up. The store I got this out of is run by a manager who knows her stuff. As she was ringing me up, she told if she'd seen it it would have been at the antiques fair with her. She had a couple mid-century design ones, but forgot who by. Sold them for several hundred a piece.Sick, thanks man. I guess a spike in hype would help my listing. Gonna try not to dwell on what if.You can see the tag in the pic: $10.99
Funny thing is I was going to buy a modern Zassenhaus soon. I am so stoked to have found this one for $5. Going to take it apart and clean it well and give it a shot. Hoping to be able to use it. I would love to have a machine like that. @Orgetorix teased me with a La Pavoni (?) project he undertook. I'm still using a pedestrian stovetop espresso maker.
I think I should've let it ride at auction. This hypebeast shit doesn't make sense...
Supreme-heads, This was listed for literally 20 minutes. i fucked up, didn't i?
Heh heh, today just keeps getting cooler. Googled the name in this jacket:http://www.polomuseum.com/hof_inductees/corey_alan.htm
Found the original catalog for my new coffee grinder
ChinaSo many yellow tags... How?!
Real leather. you're right, It's just ridiculous what people pay for this stuff.
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