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It does. The focus of that article is recognizable brands that tourists and people that don't care as much about clothing as we do would recognize and think they're getting a deal on.
Oh I know. It's why most outlets aren't worth looking into. But if you know which locations get the real overstock/last season, you can profit.
Almost forgot today's coolest pick-up.Early 1900s Schafer & Vater porcelain flask and shot glasses - made in Germany [[SPOILER]]
After picking this off the rack, I invoked the thrift gods while on my way to the women's clearance shoe rack--my seventh or eighth attempt to find a specific pair of Merrells for my mother--and said I'd make this shirt available for proxy if I could finally find the shoes. And so I did, for 20 freakin' dollars. So this is available for proxy. Very slim fitting Small. 100% cotton. [[SPOILER]] Weird, right? [[SPOILER]]
Boy am I glad Namor is half a size larger than me, else I'd be down a guap between the shell boots and these EG Shannons: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=181509996012&globalID=EBAY-US
Thanks for the heads up. I'll investigate. That place in Cali gets a lot of love here, so I was considering them but I always prefer local--I'd hate for this to be lost in the mail.Working on the museum. If I sold it to you, the last thing either of us would hear is a Ferrari V8 at 9,000 rpm hurtling towards us.If you outlive me, you can bid on it at my charity estate auction.You know where I am if times get tough. I'd be happy to play pawn shop for awhile.
It would have to be taken in a bit, but what's chopped away would be used to re-weave the little bits of damage. Tailor is not a problem. The best part of living in the New Yorker's ideal retirement destination is that the best of what NYC has to offer ends up here. I believe he used to work with Kabbaz, and has been mentioned on SF countless times as one of America's best tailors.I'd imagine after tailoring and re weaving, I'd be in close to $500, but I only paid $30 for...
Tenor--unless the aforementioned Mark VI--is all yours. I'm content with my Series III. Sorry to hear you had to sell yours, though. I only ever see student level instruments otherwise id offer to hook you up.
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