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spoo is probably currently in the process of buying the Chinese foot binder to his feet in these.
You'd think I'd find this stuff all the time in this area, but this is only the third or fourth time I've found something from this era. Minty fresh, possibly unworn, just in time for summer.
I have to vote replica on the Cartier. Sorry dude.
so many opinions, so little sense.
Thrift stores. I'll usually say in my post if its from CL or an estate sale.
these days I breeze throug the clothing, looking for anything that pops out, and then spend most of my time scanning furniture and wares racks. too many people blocking the aisles, looking up labels on their ebay app for my taste. I have more fun looking for things that are either not labeled or have a small stamp or signature somewhere most people wouldn't look.
Found a cool lamp.
I wouldn't normally say anything, but you didn't use commas correctly either time."...help my friend, Jack, off a horse.""...help my friend jack off a horse."Though neither make it clear whether youre killing the horse or helping Jack dismount.
Or just return them to Nordstrom.
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