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Rlpl suede jodhpur size 11 currently $99 with no bids. Ends in an hour. https://www.ebay.com/itm/371617509649
Looks like there's a name embossed just below the pencil signature. Dave ____Generally I avoid 80s pastel colors since they're not back in (yet) and large pieces that are large editions.
Here's the Strickand Savile Row tux. 4x1 dual exhaust, FF pants Chest: 43” Coat Waist: 39” Sleeves: 23.25” (with functioning cuffs) Shoulders: 18.25” Length (BoC): 30.5” Waist: 34” Inseam: 28.5” (+1.5”) Rise: 12.25” Ankle: 9.5” (x2) Knee: 9.5” (x2)
Mint Wolf convection microwave. Now to find some combination of their oven and range to complement...
I will gladly pay you Tuesday for that tie clip today.
Classic Palm Beach FU - Hickey MTM from maus&hoffman dated 1969. Wear this coat and that won't be the last 69 you see. Chest: 44" Sleeves: 26.5" Shoulders: 18.5" Length: 31"
Nah. I pick for a local furniture flipper who has Sprinter, so she helps me move any pieces I buy to flip myself. I only post the stuff I flip myself.Cool idea on the moving Uber, though. I wonder if that idea will spread.
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