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PM sent.
Congrats, dude, house is beautiful. Something like that would be a few million around here...Best 3 things from today: Berk slippers 10.5D, Coach briefcase, and the most AWESOME set of mid-century hand made in Italy coconut cup/bowls by Ed Langbein. Cups are definitely n/a.
Just got a really good deal on a pair of brand new Kiton velvet slippers, so I'll make these available here.RLPL x EG 10.5D [[SPOILER]]
Synergy on the OG RB @impuntura (def n/a)
Corner bar cart made in Italy by Casprini.
appreciate all the help guys. Now that I realized its meant to sit on a table, I'll actually use it. I'll try to post better pics in daylight sometime. The grain on this is beautiful.
Lol this is like the blue/black v. white/gold dress thing. I really appreciate all the input from everyone.
Update: It became clear this was intended to be a bowl when I got home and set it on the table. I'm a doorknob.
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