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Next thrift fit competition, I'm ready...
Much appreciated.
Haha that was one of my first thoughts, too.Appreciate it. The more I think about it, though, the more I think the pottery was made as a tourist piece. Decent work, though.
Some of the more interesting things from today I would love if someone could tell me more about this Odd and old... and signed Halston?! What...? Lucite cutlery
Check your texts
iPad mini 3 $249 shipped (plus tax) http://www.bestbuy.com/site/apple-ipad-mini-3-wi-fi-16gb-space-gray/3325001.p?acampID=0&ref=8575135&loc=0&id=1219090454890&skuId=3325001
Happy birthday Dalton!
No jazz records or Caraceni bespoke, but a couple fun finds today
Recovering the seats in the 430?Also, happy birthday Florian!
Also picked up another painting today. Am I crazy or does that say Baraka? Would be cool if it was painted by Amiri Baraka.
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