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Been hoping to find a good summer shoe, and I did. Best looking Mephistos I've ever seen, barely worn, and even still smell new.
Victor Vasarely, father of the optical illusion--"op-art"--movement. I found a serigraph from an exhibition awhile back.Unfortunately one sticker isn't a good sign:http://www.justanswer.com/appraisals/7tsxl-prints-say-rudolf-lesch-fine-arts.html
They seem equally well made, tbh. I think I'll keep both for now. now to buy a house with a nice backyard...Speaking of, congrats EazyE! Does that mean lower-case Es are on the way?
This is the sickest piece of Versace I've ever found. Will clean up the fit a bit and keep.
AWW YEAHHHHH sculptura chairs by Russell Woodard
Jompso you're obviously wasting your time thrifting, it's time to start holding seminars. I'm stuck in a waiting room so I made you a flyer
I thought something felt wrong when I wrote Shannon.
LV started licensing the design in the '70s to the French Company, which he said in his post those are made by. @Jompso
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