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y u no my sizeee ???
o ffs guys there's a new tribe called quest album out my birthday is in a few days AND the grand tour premieres this week HOW MUCH BETTER CAN LIFE GET?!
just a friendly reminder this album came out today and it is fiyaaaaa
grab life by the cuci available
happy birthday Spoo
Thanks for the love, dudes.
I realized I never updated the longtime members of the thread. My grandmother finally found her peace early September, just shy of turning 80. She loved going on long car rides with me, so i felt the best way to honor her memory was to invest what she left me into a new thriftwagen. Found and bought this past weekend. X5 x-drive35d 425 lb-ft torque
@Nataku 80s? Seems like a pretty serious jacket--down filled with a layer of that high density foam you find in older mountaineering boots and gear.
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