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Good night so far Went to thre grand opening of EmKo Palm Beach, an art gallery slash restaurant slash coffee bar slash gourmet market: Then hit up an old dchool Palm beach restaurant and bar for a nightcap, made friends with the bartender and owner, consumer drinks made specially for us not on the menu, and wandered worth ave tipsy Gnight gents!
Well as hard as I tried, I couldn't find a Hockney today...Great Locomotive Chase etching. Artist isn't all that desirable, but train and civil war collectors aren't afraid to spend money, so I thought this would be a safe bet for the price. [[SPOILER]] Painting by an Else Müller, probably about 80 years old or so.
My best suggestion is to not bother. Orlando sucks.
Pretty much. Except this makes a vicuña overcoat look like an HSM polyblend. Realky the only two names that would get you more in print art right now are Warhol and Lichtenstein.Embossing is a very good sign. A lot of artists/printmakers have a signet ring type of embosser, in addition to their signature.So I'm headed towards I-95. I can be by your place to pick this up sometime Thursday afternoon.
Consign it to an international auction house and he's got an easy $20k coming to him, after all fees.Not including my appraisal charge.
Let's just say you'd win the thread for a long time...What's fhe edition say on the left?
WowThat is David Hockney. Buy that and don't look back.And then send it to me.
Oil painting by a Torak, not sure which yet Two more Babars, but not the one I want...yet Chloé sweater
Most I find are in really good condition. A lot of retirees around here so I imagine they're passing away and kids are cleaning the house and donating without knowing.Too bad about the Hockney. He's hot right now--everywhere you turned at Art Basel, there was another dealer selling a Hockney.
Autographed exhibition poster
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