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6x Finamore, 2x Attolini (inc. unlined grenadine n/a), 7 fold Marinella, and some Tod's
They're nothing really special. The fringe already pretty much excludes the possibility that their authentic Navajo. But the work is decent and they're for personal use anyway.$3 for a vintage Coach duffel? Cool beans.
Old handmade native american rugs and Haitian folk art? Yes please.
Thanks guys! On a flash sale for a few days. (Click link above)
Thank you Still available, and if you click the link above, I have it on a flash sale for a few days.(Sale price is as low as I'm willing to go. Any PMs with a lower offer will be ignored.)
What the hell, im in for the cover band. But can I be Creative Director? EazyE will do all the designs and I'll tell him which are good. On a related note, if any regular on the thread has ever wanted to have a MTM suit made, PM me and let's talk. I will accept good trades towards a good portion of the retail price to members that have been a valuable part of the community here. Even if you haven't been around long, but are interested, shoot me a PM and we'll see what...
Thank you all for the kind words. Here's Giovanni in his early days accepting an award For this suit:
My apologies for the delay, gentleman. Giovanni recently passed away: http://www.styleforum.net/t/502470/giovanni-gagliano-1935-2015 This, and other things, have had me in and out of town, away from a computer. I am now working with a new tailor, an old friend of Giovanni. We are working together on a few projects, to be announced soon, but most notably is this:MTM will be available early August. I will be using Adrian Jules. Introductory pricing will start at $1700 for a...
Yeah, my heart stopped, I started shaking, and I whispered under my breath, "Oh my God." [[SPOILER]]
Magnepan. Started in the late '60s by the guy who invented the planar ribbon. A planar ribbon is basically a sheet of aluminum foil glued to a sheet of film. A cone speaker move its cone to produce sound, while the ribbon in a planar moves to create sound. Every speaker has its pros and cons. Some pros to the ribbon design are a very realistic sound with an incredible soundstage. Some cons are lack of dynamic range and lack of bass. Magnepan releases new versions...
New Posts  All Forums: