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Yep, that's me. Sulka robe was 100% cashmere outer and 100% silk lined, PJs were Charvet. Both have since been sold.The RL sofa, however, hasn't been and will never be.
BB Fitzgerald, made in Italy. Moon fabric 50/50 wool and silk marked 38R. Too tight in the shoulders, so it's up for grabs.
Seemed like you were shitting on his find. It was a great find.In this case it's the same thing as licensing Purple Label to be made by Caruso or Cantarelli. The RL Home/PRL furniture is licensed to reputable American furniture manufacturers. There's a premium added for the RL name and design, but that's standard for a premium company.
So wait, Ralph doesnt build each piece of furniture by hand in his own workshop?
Not a thrift but still very flippable Belmet Rollodor c.20s-30s
hello childhood
Haven't gotten stuff for these kind of prices in too long
thrift fit
o the joy this find will bring
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