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Sadly, no.
Blasphemy. Animals is one of the greatest albums of all time. Incidentally, released exactly 40 years ago from yesterday.
Pretty cool combo acoustic-electric & electric guitar amp
always exciting to find a set of these for less than dinner at chili's
Will pay for proxy. @jon
seems like a good 50 cent investment ...damn vhs used to be expensive
Stuart's Choice/ Grenson Masterpiece 12d available
It's no home run. I'm really only a noob+. Squier is like a diffusion line for Fender. I've just wanted something cheap to noodle around on and at $10 I can't complain one bit.
well can't beat that. squier bullet strat.
psa: target has blu rays for about $4, most of my thrifts charge more than that. apocalypse now for $4 picked up is a thrift in my book.
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