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Barely worn C&J handgrade w trees!!!! (Na) also collectible Playboy cover shirt They even named the last after me
Solid teak by Barlow Tyrie
Was unfortunately late to this party
Pretty sure Moscot is only available at their NY stores and online.Warby Parker should have a B&M somewhere near you.https://m.warbyparker.com/eyeglasses/men/begley/whiskey-tortoiseDunno if they still make that model. Check LensCrafters, too. They had a pair by Giorgio Armani that were similar, but in eyeglasses.
There are also these, which since the euro is weak right now, may be a more efficient option.http://www.otticacarraro.it/en/thick/11-venice-1.html#/frame_color-tortoise_matte/lens_color-brown/lens-sunglass_lenses_cr39
Miltzen. They come in sunglasses, too. They pop up on eBay every so often, but you gotta be diligent if you want a good deal. Insta-kop at $150 or less if BIN.
Also e-thrifted a new pair of glasses for myself
I found a lamp
Sign up for the TJX rewards credit card. I flip so much from TJX stores, most everything I get myself is paid for in coupons.
only a couple things worth mentioning today OG BBGF 3PC
New Posts  All Forums: