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Nah I'm stickin it out. Lost power about 2 hours ago so I'm not gonna kill my battery researching the painting right now. The painting doesn't strike me as very old, though, since there doesn't appear to be too much age on the stretcher.Berlioz was an interesting composer btw. He started experimenting with drugs and wrote some really fantastic pieces.
more fuel for the fire: 7 minty dildos in various exotic compositions inc. pure cashmere & 15mil15
Tear in the seat but can't say no to that price
Whatever you do, don't consign.Schwing!
Have decided to let this table go since I use my Thorens 100% of the time. Offering it here first. PM for more pics and details. Please no trades.
Love finding this stuff. Cousances 28 Dutch oven, Le Creuset 23 oval
funny -- literally the exact jacket I found a couple weeks ago. Congrats! wait really? i'll have to have mine tested -- will gladly cash in buttons and swap in some horn buttons.
Never thought I'd buy myself a lazy susan, but the work in this is amazing. Original 70s lava lamp lol
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