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Edit: some of my reasoning was off, but I still vote fake on the Rolex. The only way to know for sure is have it opened up by a reputable dealer.
Kartell Heywood Wakefield
Top 3 from the last week. Carlo Nason for Mazzega floor lamp Signed Murano glass sculpture Ballin Hancock & Moore chesterfield
I really doubt it's 1800s. There's very little age to the paint, canvas, or stretcher. Most likely 1971. If it were 100+ years old, it would look more like this: Asian decorative stuff was really popular in the mid century and on. A lot of it was decoration-only quality, which, I'm sorry I say, I think this painting is. You can find lots of similar stuff here: https://www.etsy.com/search?q=asian+boat+painting&order=most_relevant&view_type=gallery Of course I could be...
SF pebble grain w Vibram gumlite soles. Available
Probably one of the coolest finds ever: Original, hand drawn panels (complete with corrections and approval checks) of a 1974 comic from Mandrake the Magician--from the same creator and illustrator as The Phantom. Definitely n/a.
You gotta be careful with lucite--the lucite buyer wants something in perfect condition. Little scratches can be buffed out, but cracks and stuff are no good. It was a cool piece, though. Wouid have bought for myself if the condition was just a little better.
I love this thread so much.Had this in my hand the other day. Interesting piece, quick Google search didn't come up with any results, plus it had some irreparable damage inside where the pieces are joined (look for the little cracks), so I opted to leave it. Did your search turn up any results?
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