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best couple things from yesterday antique tiger oak desk chair here's an interesting one. a poster from Super Bowl XXXV. Giants fans will remember this as a frustrating and embarrassing game. Here's the really odd part: the signature is by Ottis Anderson, a NY Giant and MVP from Super Bowl XXV. Talk about a bittersweet find. Oh, and some EGs
Shoutout to @double00 for an amazing trade that doubled my printed Synchilla collection. This thing is so awesome
Isaia mohair/wool/cashmere navy overcoat IT52 $99 open bid with no bids ending in 1 hour http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=381268555433
I think the point of contests like this is to get people to click on their website.
I got a gang of this shit
33 1/2 RPM is the way to go. This new Snarky Puppy album is released in America tomorrow and it is AMAZING Another shoutout to Nataku for this TT
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