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Exactly what I was thinking. Seems like another way for eBay to strongarm another fee from sellers.
hmmm help or hindrance?
Thought so too at first but there aren't any distinct makers tags in this, and the neck tag says made in Italy.
bruh this a suit
rang in the new year with a wicked eye infection that still hasn't healed but my first real day out in the thrifts leaves me optimistic for 2017 pair signed/numbered lithos by yrjö edelmann
Looks like part of a cactus skeleton or something similar.
A quick search revealed no auction records or dealers offering her work, so unless that information is hiding deep in Google, it will be decorative value only. It has a good look to it, so the decorative value in a gallery setting would be roughly 100-300, depending on the area.
You did well.edit: snuck the pics in as I was quoting [[SPOILER]]
Drakes always had MD on the content tag. CH is Charles Hill. Hill and Drake worked together for a time, Hill making some Drakes ties early on. T&A ties were/are made in the Hill factory--I believe T&A bought the factory.VII on the content tag is Semen & Sperm Seaward & Stearn.
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