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Finally a pop! on Lalique. Missing the lid but can't beat it for 29 cents.
didn't think it was quite that old. the zipper looked later, like 50s-60s.are we sure it's not German? It has a Zipp zipper.regardless I really dig the styling and hope it fits well.
Eagerly anticipating the arrival of this jacket. Thanks to a tip from @silverwarebandit
May be the best $10 I ever spent: Austro Daimler w Reynolds 531 tubing, Campy Record (DIA-compe brakes) Those lugs
Some of the locals may recognize this piece since its been hanging for about a month, but I decided to invest my good luck with the cat print into something that I hope will be my best score to date. https://www.1stdibs.com/creators/robert-freimark/art/
For sure. No complaints here. I had a good feeling about the print and it paid off. I'll be going back to that store and giving them a cash donation from this sale since it benefits animal shelters.
I've found plenty of choice pieces like that, but this one cost me several Tubmans.
Might as well get this in before the thriftening. Not a bad day today. Aulenti for Knoll Jacques Hnizdovsky woodcut print Vintage needlework, flag has 48 stars
Count me in for an Atlanta meet up if I can make it 100% cashmere Chester Barrie FU tagged 39R - available
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