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Man I need to keep you on speed-dial.
Any guesses on nationality here? Some sort of Islamic Art. Frame intrigues me, work is alright. Could be folk art.
For the record, I've thrifted Oxxford shantung several times, including a full suit:Anyway, story time. Decide for yourself if you want to block "krakatoa69" [[SPOILER]]
Can't wait to thrift one of these http://distractify.com/megan-mccormick/banana-bunka-lovin/
Rare footage of jompso proving someone wrong
I say we invite the original poster of the Kiton rant to the forum and let him duel Jompso in the Official Ultimate iGent Duel Thread.
The only way to get a real answer here is that the next time someone finds a damaged Kiton they don't want to sell, they send it to Jeffery Diduch at http://tuttofattoamano.blogspot.com/?m=1 to be dissected.
Rather have that RL sample but I'll take NOS N/a
Cleverley is an old bespoke shoemaker that recently-ish introduced RTW made by EG and C&J handgrade.
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