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I remember the auction he won that from. At the time I didn't have the ready-money to pick it up and flip it myself. He'll do well on it, I'm sure.Edit: he's been a gentleman everytime I've dealt with him as well.
Huge shout-out to @thinkderm for the heads-up on this amazing Lardini hand-crafted out of of nearly nothing but shantung that was on clearance at Yoox. This is much better than the crap they make for Brooks Brothers and D&G. Will be off to the tailor this week to have the usual waist slimming done, but the rest is damn near perfect.
It's hickey, the diffusion aimed at a younger demographic. All I've handled has been fused.
I was still an unregistered lurker back then, but I remember this day. I was super jealous.EDIT: didn't you thrift like $50k worth of recording equipment, too?
Word. But I've been thrifting since in the womb, so it's a long time to think through.Right now I think the crown goes to a set of Bang & Olufsen speakers I found with my dad when I was 5 or 6. Still remember that day. It was at a Salvation Army, and we took them home in his late '70s International Scout II. Still have that set of speakers, too.
Does anyone remember who found the old Perfecto (I think) that had the Where the Wild Things Are characters painted on the back?
Well the final page on the Moncler verification page isn't loading. If this isn't real, I don't see the point in buying a real one--the quality of this very good. [[SPOILER]] And an interesting tie... [[SPOILER]]
Good BIN for NIB Cordovan Lindricks 11.5D http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=281431778520&globalID=EBAY-US
Quality is there, tags look good, but their relationship with Certilogo is over. I'll try to register it later and see what happens.This is a cool find for me. The castle is the symbol of Hamburg, Germany, where hundreds of years of my family history lie. Braun is also equivalent to a Saks or Sid Mashburn.
I have better pics if you want to see. I'm waiting to hear back from someone else, so hopefully we'll know soon.Oh and pop!
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