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Tivoli radio and some sparsely worn Vans for me did not see this light stain in the store. ah well edit: i've already had a few PMs about the plaid SC just from the teaser pic, so here are measurements: Chest 44" Sleeves 25" Shoulders 19" Length 30.75"
well hello there
A good pair of pajamas and a dressing gown are a good place to start. Search for Derek Rose, Daniel Hanson, Turnbull & Asser, and Charvet--they will each have a fine offering of pjs and robes. Tom Ford and other more fashion-forward designers have also recently been releasing options. For shoes, a classic velvet slipper with a leather sole is a good option if you feel you may have to wear them out for a moment to get the mail or yell at the gardener for trimming the...
All availableDavide Cenci x3 by various makers, all 42R dr 6. Heavy shoulder padding.RLBL 38sHad a good couple weeks, so I'll pass along some good deals to thread members. Open spoiler for info. [[SPOILER]]
Maybe it's part camera angle, but I'd try a longer coat and slightly lower buttoning point.
Another fun day watercolor by Clarence Braley. Unfortunately it's very faded. Had to rescue it for my collection. Finally found myself a good quality softshell One very long overdue shoutout to hooker for the most amazing suede coat ever. Was waiting for a cold day to post a thrift fit, but that will have to wait until next unfortunately. Also a shout-out to noob for a sweet pair of Arc'teryx shorts for the upcoming summer, and to Spoo for a sick length of batik...
Only managed one stop today, but it did turn up this sweet navy tux.
These NiB Saint Crispin boots are pretty cool http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=191573873175
Three recent Hartmann pieces, Pucci silk dress, and some pimpass velvet Ferragamos Deuter day/hydration pack (with rainfly!), NWT Stoic roll top dry bag
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