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App: MyFitnessPalIt may be a bit overkill for what you're looking to do, but learn to count macros and use the app to help keep track. It's true weight loss is calories in vs calories expended, but counting macros should help keep up the quality of the food you eat.If you're not interested in buying a food scale and keeping track of all kinds of data, just doing a few basic things like drinking A LOT of water and adding a 20-30 minute walk per day will help a lot. Biking a...
Thread's slow today... From the other day:
Top 3 past couple weeks pair of watercolor on silk botanicals by la roche laffitte the next two were trades, but they both came out of thrift stores and I traded thrifted stuff danish made rug featuring artwork by edel skov set of 4 of these chairs by michel arnoult
Thank you for doing that.Yeah dude. The shooter went to my high school. It's a weird feeling knowing I walked the halls with that fuck.
Looks like an I to me.I dig that painting, though.Realistically, if you sold them yourself, probably like 4-700 for the pair.
Funny I just found a BttF repro the other day which was sitting in front of a Raiders of the Lost Ark repro. Got so excited and then so let down when I looked closely.the style is called waterfall. Maybe Pace, but I think they're mosfly brass and glass.Unless it's etched or signed by hand, it's pretty much impossible to pin down a maker--especially if your aim is to sell, in which case you have to say "attributed to" to save your ass. Also--if your aim is to sell, avoid...
Sick. It's good shit. Still hand made in North Carolina.
That is still a screaming deal.Want.Respectable company, build quality, component quality, design--aesthetic and technical.More specifically: this table features a dual-plinth design. Basically two boards, one holds the motor, the other the platter and the tonearm. The two boards are held together by a special kind of material that absorbs vibration. Since a TT basically works by picking up on vibrations from etchings on a vinyl disc, vibration from the motor can interfere...
Rlpl suede jodhpur size 11 currently $99 with no bids. Ends in an hour. https://www.ebay.com/itm/371617509649
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