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I will gladly pay you Tuesday for that tie clip today.
Classic Palm Beach FU - Hickey MTM from maus&hoffman dated 1969. Wear this coat and that won't be the last 69 you see. Chest: 44" Sleeves: 26.5" Shoulders: 18.5" Length: 31"
Nah. I pick for a local furniture flipper who has Sprinter, so she helps me move any pieces I buy to flip myself. I only post the stuff I flip myself.Cool idea on the moving Uber, though. I wonder if that idea will spread.
Furniture, as requested.Google John Mascheroni
No idea if it's valuable but it's modeled after a Trachten jacket, which is usually made loden and found in Bavaria and Austria.
My only regret isn't so much a pass as a dumb move. Was in a small store a few minutes before closing and thought I was alone, so I put one oil painting down to look at another. Woman comes from around the corner, snatched up the one I just put down, and buys it. Looked up the artist later and it would have been $2k+...made money on the other one, but not that much. Anyway, not a bad day Orvis is avaulable. It's this one:...
FWIW I also thrifted an Oxxford suit in 100% raw silk. Really wish that would have been my size.
Sorry, don't know anything about cut glass. I would assume just a popular design. Cut glass really isn't popular anymore, in this area at least. You'll see a lot of older people buying in thrift stores, though.
Technically it would be a Sam's Cola poured into a Coca Cola can.
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