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Holy fuck. The members that have PM'd me are gonna have to pony up on their trade offers.
Thrynergy! (unfortunately mine is missing buttons...) Twice in the past week or so has an unexpected package shown up on my doorstep. First from Spoo. 'nother good reason to consign. So awesome--thanks, bro! And today, from Pnutpug. I guess he was really enthused with the tweed I sent--probably as enthused as I was when I saw the Ideale saddle in the box. This will be going on the Litespeed frame I picked up for peanuts last year, which will soon be built up with the...
Have been photographing my never-ending backlog in favor of new finds, but today brought so much joy I wanted to share.c.1960s Sperry Top Siders, Tory Burch sandals, Peal & Co. x Sargent chukkas--n/aFound a similar, probably slightly older, pair of Sperrys in brown about a year ago. Traded those away and have been kicking myself ever since, but blue is way cooler. [[SPOILER]] Cool BB contrast collar. Marked L but fits surprisingly small, so n/aH&K shirt--also my size....
Sulka navy raw silk robe. As for the monogram, just add to it: "Pullin'Alotta--" http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=181288948692&globalID=EBAY-US
330CK's Pay It Forward CampaignSee something you like? It's yours for the cost of shipping. Pay it forward, bros.[Disclaimer: you must be a member that contributes somewhere in the forum, if only a lurker in the thrift thread. Any major damage is shown, but please don't be mad if I miss little stains/holes.]MEASUREMENTS [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Claimed [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]...
Thrift Thread Gift Exchange Shout out to Towers Three awesome shirts. The AC are made of Thomas Mason shirting and feel incredible! Funny story, been wanting a white/orange stripe shirt for a while but hadn't pulled the trigger. Thanks, bro!
Merry Christmas, bros! Made us: Smoked duck with chipotle orange glaze Bacon infused roasted red potatoes with chopped scallions Maple infused kale with bacon crumbles Truffles with a hint of sea salt
While taking pictures I noticed two very small holes (not really visible) on the sleeves and a few small spots I missed in the store (they blend in with the pattern--only noticed under my bright lights) which should easily clean out, but I have so much stuff lying around anyway, I figured I'd offer this up for cost+shipping to a thread member. Merry Thriftmas, all. [[SPOILER]] Chest: 41”Sleeves: 24” (+1”)Shoulders: 18”Length: 30”
Thanks for the love, guys. @HansderHund I actually thrifted everything she's wearing in that picture, too. Top is LRL, 100% silk. Some LRL in women's stuff is actually pretty nice--comparable to most PRL in men's. Jacket & pants are both recent mainline Armani.
Took my grandmother to see Itzhak Perlman tonight.Deets: [[SPOILER]]
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