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Is it a plug with a ground? Try setting it up where it was. There's a chance there's noise being introduced from that particular outlet.
JL bespoke velvet slippers with embroidered fox head. $260+$8. Supposedly 8.5 but ymmv. http://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/111870852373
super exciting (for me) e-thrift. these are made by enve, for anyone that cares.
Cool piece, but only buy for yourself. It won't be a quick flip and its a pain to ship.If you do decide to try, get the proper packing materials from U-Line, or budget $100+ for a pack+ship place.
It's no secret I love the Thorens I got from Nat, but if you end up in that price category, audition a Clear Audio Concept, too. I just installed one for a friend not too long ago and it's seriously high quality.You must have a local shop that has a used section. If you make it down to Tampa again soon, check out Audio Visions South. That same friend has been workin with them for over 20 years. The owner, George, is a great guy and will be more than happy to help. They...
this thing is ridiculous--even the zipper teeth have crystals...
^ i have that exact jacket. got it new from my grandma during the 1996 olympic games.
some fodder and... more stuff for my future library: vintage-antique palm beachy folk art and a Schott leather pea coat
CLOSET CLEANINGplus i don't think i ever posted these here, so also bragGrenson. Fit my typical 10.5D foot. [[SPOILER]] Sulka shearling lined. No size marked, but fit my 10.5D foot, a little snug so maybe better for a 10D [[SPOILER]] No size again. Appear to be custom. Tight on my 10.5D foot, so probably best for 9.5D. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Roy jeans. Bought from a forum member that claimed they were a prototype (hence no embroidery on inside pocket). All the details...
...and she's done.
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