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Off topic but wow http://www.buzzfeed.com/rossalynwarren/a-5-year-old-girl-with-autism-creates-remarkable-paintings-t?utm_term=1b0koy8
Bookmark the labels/makers thread. Most of what you'll need is in the first page.
Caruso. Search, bro.
He was the best bespoke tailor in NYC for awhile--also known for crazy linings. But he licensed the name, so you'll find a lot of shit.
On a quest to know everything.Forward my number.
Johnson Motors - apparently a small company run out of LA. Not bad quality. [[SPOILER]] Should pair this with my skull & crossbones Rugby cords [[SPOILER]] old cashmere and mink cardigan [[SPOILER]] skeet skeet [[SPOILER]] and finally...many here may not care about thisbut it's one of the most amazing garments i've ever laid my hands onand at $6+25% offone of the best deals i've ever gottenbeholdan Alaïa Arachnee dress, woven out of a silk blend and meant to mimic a...
Me right now And I thought the Belstaff would be the highlight of this week
Sorry, man, don't know enough about them to accurately date it. My gut reaction was post-WWII, but not too long after--40s-60s. Looks like Nat guesses around that, too. Interested to see it, though.Teak has a very distinct smell. Smell it once and you'll likely remember.
[[SPOILER]] Batik art by a well-regarded batik artist [[SPOILER]] Dunno who this is by, but it was cheap and I liked it. [[SPOILER]] Lucite magazine rack [[SPOILER]] English pewter flasks. One has an amusing engraving. [[SPOILER]] PRL Madras JACKET [[SPOILER]] VV shirt [[SPOILER]] Guess down vestlifetime collective. nothing special, but pretty cool. [[SPOILER]] wrath arcane. may keep this for myself, it fits pretty damn well. [[SPOILER]] And the biggest pop today--a...
New Posts  All Forums: