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Oil painting by a Torak, not sure which yet Two more Babars, but not the one I want...yet Chloé sweater
Most I find are in really good condition. A lot of retirees around here so I imagine they're passing away and kids are cleaning the house and donating without knowing.Too bad about the Hockney. He's hot right now--everywhere you turned at Art Basel, there was another dealer selling a Hockney.
Autographed exhibition poster
Also Papua-inspired painting by local artist and children's book writer Lee Batterman. Thing is f'ing HUGE--50" on the the longest side And
I'm in.
No, sorry. Been hoping to run across one of these in a thrift for a couple years.
The only ones I'd consider trading are the Babars, but there's already interest in those. The rest are going into my collection.
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