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mixed emotions when you're told there was an entire z rack of leathers before you arrived but still manage to pick up two perfectos in your size
Sadly, no.
Blasphemy. Animals is one of the greatest albums of all time. Incidentally, released exactly 40 years ago from yesterday.
Pretty cool combo acoustic-electric & electric guitar amp
always exciting to find a set of these for less than dinner at chili's
Will pay for proxy. @jon
seems like a good 50 cent investment ...damn vhs used to be expensive
Stuart's Choice/ Grenson Masterpiece 12d available
It's no home run. I'm really only a noob+. Squier is like a diffusion line for Fender. I've just wanted something cheap to noodle around on and at $10 I can't complain one bit.
well can't beat that. squier bullet strat.
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