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Awesome Dunhill lap desk http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=131259037832&globalID=EBAY-US Excellent BIN for Gieves Buckshot Brogues 10.5 http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=191270390273&globalID=EBAY-US Reasonable BIN C&J blue suede chukka http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=151362183423&globalID=EBAY-US Good BIN for BNIB Whitehouse Cox (this is where RJMan would make his Bill Clinton joke)...
Yeah before the cut I was really curious what I looked like under all that hair. It was over 2 years since my last cut.Will do.Oh and...THEY'RE HEREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST DAY EVER
Donated all my hair today. Now I mind a little less that my dash thermometer reads 100 degrees fahrenheit and the humidity being at 2,000%.
WOOOOOO my size! Thought these were RRL from far away. What era am I looking at? I'm getting a WWII feełing.
Good opening bid for SAB briefcase ending in less than 24 hours http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=321482654186&globalID=EBAY-US
Thank you everyone for the kind words. I really do love this thrift game. And now to try to reply to all those PMs in one night... Edit: oh and anyone that helped with my Orvis dog trainer, shoot me a PM if you want to claim your tie.
Haven't really made an extensive brag lately. Some stuff available (the first few items) but most is a curated collection of my favorite pickups from the past several months.Whoever can help me figure out what this is gets a tie. I think it has something to do with horses? It's made of carbon fiber. [[SPOILER]] SICK PRL CHALK STRIPE FLANNEL ~44 [[SPOILER]] Picked this up only because deep discount at Marshall's. Fits boxy 38. Want to trade. [[SPOILER]] One of the coolest...
Oh yes.
Congrats. Wish that were a 38 so my disappointment would be even greater finding out Spoo PM'd first.
Diffusion line, unfortunately.A PM incoming!
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