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Sulka tie with 18k lame http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=111462295840&globalID=EBAY-US
YESSS. Camping gear is rare here. Osprey Departure 75, detachable duffle with daypack underneath. N/A.
When burned, wool will get dark, too, of course, but will basically become ash--crumble in your fingers.
When you first posted, my instinct said fake, but I wasn't sure, so I kept my mouth shut. I'm voting fake. Burberry's quality has gone down, but they can at least still sew a tag on with straight, even stitching.edit: if you find a few loose threads, cut them off and burn them. if real wool, will smell like burning hair; otherwise, will smell like burning plastic.
Will do. Probably be a while, though. The base is trashed, too, so I may design a new base as well.Since I finally found a true power amp the other day, I dug out the Threshold I'd been holding onto for such an occasion. Now I have to work on getting the gain set properly so I can finally hear that Thorens sing to its fullest potential. Also thought some people here may enjoy some audioporn. The level of precision in this thing is erotic. [[SPOILER]]
Fellow furniture nuts will immediately recognize this is an Eames copy. When I found it, it was very poorly recovered in a Walmart fabric that tried its best to look like vinyl (yeah, they didn't even spring for vinyl). I had to get that off and into the trash right away. Was hoping the original leather would still be underneath, but at least it's the original foam. From what I've seen, I believe this is the version made/marketed by Selig, a Danish company. The Plycraft...
Available for proxy while I'm here. Crewcuts (J Crew kids) blue suede desert boots, made in Italy. Marked K5. $10+shipping.
Super old Brioni label. It's real.
And so my collection grows:See I thought it may have something to do with a shirt attaching. Prada is weird.It is. Only problem with designers like this is they're more likely to use synthetic. 4% Lycra in this.
Pretty sure my corporate managers were too, but at least they didn't openly drink while at work.
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