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first a flip brag found this lucite bar console in rough shape, paid more than regular thrift prices and brought it to a local antique dealer friend, who sent it to his lucite guy to restore it. went by last night to see it restored and snapped this pic--this dude is a miracle worker. got a call this morning from the dealer that an interior designer loved it and bought it this morning. this console will soon be in one of sarah jessica parker's new shoe boutiques. and the...
With a little patience, you could make a killing parting that out... Too bad it's on the other coast.
Congrats @fueco !!!
finally a decent run of clothing again: 2 100% cashmere dildo car coats, recent Brioni, bnwt Zegna sport, cuci polo, fur hat, and a crazy christian lacroix skirt suit
man Iove thrifting. saw this sitting behind a cabinet and thought 'whoa that looks like something gene davis would have done,' so I snag it get home and open the frame to find the back is indeed signed and numbered what a rush.
Not super high end optically, but brass telescopes in general are definitely desirable for the look. A few years ago one I saw this exact model go at a local auction for over $600. Id expect to sell on CL or OfferUp for like 3-600.
Just picked up this sweet pearl rhythm traveler set for a song
original drawing of jafar by the original animator and a couple shoes in my size. good day.
Boris O'Klein
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