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Can anyone help me out with this shirt? Doesn't quite match the sold comps.
$6 for two easy flips? Sign me up!
Ah my bad, sport coats. I tore the store apart looking for long coats.
5 coats & a suit, all Poole
Is this teak?
Pop! Still hunting for an all aluminum model, but this will do well in the meantime. http://m.bloomingdales.com/shop/product/rimowa-salsa-air-32-multiwheel-upright?ID=560740
Finally a pop! on Lalique. Missing the lid but can't beat it for 29 cents.
didn't think it was quite that old. the zipper looked later, like 50s-60s.are we sure it's not German? It has a Zipp zipper.regardless I really dig the styling and hope it fits well.
Eagerly anticipating the arrival of this jacket. Thanks to a tip from @silverwarebandit
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