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Finally had the opportunity to meet @suited today. Super nice guy--everyone should trade with him. Thrift Thread Secret Santa I knew immediately by the address who my SS was, so I knew we were the same size and my excitement mounted but HO LEEEE FUCKKK. I don't know if this is a competition, but if it is, @eazye wins. Literally EVERYTHING fits perfectly. Everything includes: Paul Stuart 7 fold, Ben Silver English made polka dot tie, Incotext charcoal pants (high...
I think I have a Rolex I can sell you. I'll give you a deal, too--only $450.
1970s Honda motorcycle jersey [[SPOILER]]
Nah but I am curious what kinda car you're getting.
Next stop. now I'm on a mission.
Not here but I'm definitely making a run to some of my usual Marshalls this week. Two days ago I found two pairs of Peal x Sargent chukkas at Marshalls.They're from Marshall's.
It was new back when I sold electronics. There's a good chance I sold this to whomever donated it. Always wanted this model but couldn't afford it, being in high school at the time.
One store: LP super 130s, 40" XBR4
Well this should be interesting to handle.
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