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Speaking of shell, here's the result a great trade with Spoo for this Wolverine shell boots. They are fvcking awesome.
I used to have a Carbonio SLR on my mountain bike and it was perfectly comfortable and surprisingly durable. The Brooks Swallow Ti I have on there now is more comfortable, though.Shiny and well-patinated from being rubbed vigorously with cream?
Translation: while he appreciates the offer of a lightweight Blake-stitch shoe, his uses will be extended and rigorous, so he'd prefer something with a Norwegian welt. He would, however, be interested in something like LP StormSystem for his gear.
This should clean up nicely http://www.gilt.com/brand/ferguson-copeland/product/48441397-ferguson-copeland-surrey-leather-chair-leather-ottoman
This called for a celebratory lunch@ridethecliche can attest to how good this place is
Perfect complement to my RL sofa http://www.ralphlaurenhome.com/products/furniture/item.aspx?haid=62&collId=&sort=&phaid=&itemId=10373
Gene BryerThis is all I could find:https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=2194&dat=19540128&id=j9MwAAAAIBAJ&sjid=C98FAAAAIBAJ&pg=4850,2332216&hl=enSorry for your loss @AlexJ1100
Mid century NYC bespoke tailor, navy cashmere, black astrakhan collar. Just gotta do something about the unusual button pattern and add a little shape (n/a)
decided to let this go, so i'm going to make it available here. offers to trade for a good horsehide moto jacket in 38 to front of line. [[SPOILER]]
felt like i was on my deathbed for the last week or so, finally got some fresh air today and found this sweet Poole. ~46 e-thrifted this just before i got sick (keeping) cashmere outer, silk lined, fancy tassel belt.
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