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also been a minute since I've seen this label
My jaw literally dropped when I saw it while walking into the store.Thanks dude. Fwiw I usually only spend about 60 seconds in the art section flipping through until something catches my eye. Records i don't even bother with anymore unless they roll them out while I'm in the store. Last time that happened to me I got some seriously good ones, and literally 2 seconds after I walked away someone else swooped in and grabbed everything I passed on. Stupid hipsters.
PPU roughly $3
For the record Idc post whatever you want For those interested here's the full video of when esperanza joined the pups Sunday night
I cautiously think it may be, but even if it isn't, it's made to the same level for sure.Sorry dude.Also my first thought when I saw the reissue RL sweaters was that it would be good for resale on the originals. RL starting to offer actual vintage pieces several years ago seemed to positively affect resale value.
pretty stoked on this ebay find that just arrived
guysss esperanza spalding joined snarky puppy on stage a bit ago. I don't know if anything will ever make me as happy as this moment in time did. currently waiting for derek smalls to take the stage. that should be fun. happy thrifting dudes
def beats this set I found today
been a minute since I've seen this label
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