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Pretty sure Moscot is only available at their NY stores and online.Warby Parker should have a B&M somewhere near you.https://m.warbyparker.com/eyeglasses/men/begley/whiskey-tortoiseDunno if they still make that model. Check LensCrafters, too. They had a pair by Giorgio Armani that were similar, but in eyeglasses.
There are also these, which since the euro is weak right now, may be a more efficient option.http://www.otticacarraro.it/en/thick/11-venice-1.html#/frame_color-tortoise_matte/lens_color-brown/lens-sunglass_lenses_cr39
Miltzen. They come in sunglasses, too. They pop up on eBay every so often, but you gotta be diligent if you want a good deal. Insta-kop at $150 or less if BIN.
Also e-thrifted a new pair of glasses for myself
I found a lamp
Sign up for the TJX rewards credit card. I flip so much from TJX stores, most everything I get myself is paid for in coupons.
only a couple things worth mentioning today OG BBGF 3PC
As with most eBay sales, there are too many variables to present in a limited amount of space. But generally speaking, good quality mink that's in good condition--not dried out--that's been sewn into a pleasing shape is always desirable. Adding a good name can up the value exponentially. There are plenty of other furs that will earn you a nice flip, but 110% of what you'll usually find in thrift stores is rabbit fur, which is about as desirable as herpes.
Well first it's going on eBay for a ridiculously high sum, and if it's still here in the fall, the first place I will probably wear it is Bear Creek Music Festival.
ballin 100% linen distressed Etro suit And I'm not sure everyone heard but a MINK COAT THAT FITS ME FUCKING PERFECTLY (definitely n/a - unless you have a few Gs or a mid-80s BMW R-series to trade)
New Posts  All Forums: