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pop on actual bespoke cleverleys
Nah, it's the money clip Bond had in Casino Royale, except the date code is wrong--"f" is what it should be to be exactly the same.
Me too. I bet you can probably tell what minor detail isn't correct, too.
Look in that small front pocket with the flap for a tag with the specific model number.
heads up pdx this looks sick wish I could go
Buddy Rich & Gene Krupa played on Slingerlands. Legendary in the Jazz world.Me too--since the first time I heard Buddy Rich.(Set is available -- never got around to actually learning to play a drum set, nor do I have room ... Really wish I could keep and learn)minty pre ownedAnd yesThank you! Stoked to have found it.
two thread firsts?
paid up but the return should be worth it (I hope)
first a flip brag found this lucite bar console in rough shape, paid more than regular thrift prices and brought it to a local antique dealer friend, who sent it to his lucite guy to restore it. went by last night to see it restored and snapped this pic--this dude is a miracle worker. got a call this morning from the dealer that an interior designer loved it and bought it this morning. this console will soon be in one of sarah jessica parker's new shoe boutiques. and the...
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