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Also check this out 11 year kid out. I literally can't even
^amtique wooden bobbins. My parents use them as candlestick holders at their cabin
Idk about easy. There is a fuckton of [literally] violent competition.100% linen in lavender. Gonna let these sleeves out and embrace the extended shoulder/drape.
Let's keep the momentum going
Will Barnet US Olympic Selection Committee poster & pencil signed Patrick Nagel Best part:
Dave, I appreciate the compliment, but there are plenty of good, knowledgeable people on the forum. Some may be a bit pedantic or overly attached to one aesthetic--shunning all others--but it makes me uncomfortable to accept a compliment at the expense of someone else.Please remember the advice you get here will be honest, if a little biased towards a particular aesthetic at times. Most here won't stand to benefit from sending you to one tailor or the next. The fit...
Awww yisss
Couple important questions: where are you located? This is important for brick & mortar recommendations. What are the suits for? Office, fun, etc? I would skip khaki for now because it wouldn't work in many office settings. Try light to medium grey. For the off the rack, you look like you'd do well in a Ralph Lauren Black Label cut. It has that same vibe as the suits you had made--skinnier lapels, high gorge, and very tapered pants. But this is a trend that is on its...
Anyone have any idea what kind of fur this is?
6x Finamore, 2x Attolini (inc. unlined grenadine n/a), 7 fold Marinella, and some Tod's
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