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My parents delivered this surprise to me--a pile of stuff they were allowed to take from a condo they renovated: A bunch of awesome stuff in there I'll sort through later, but there was this cool buckle And this hidden gem (Accutron Astronaut) And the best stuff from today:
Sorry, Wes.
That's what she said.
Chest: 46" Sleeves: 23.5" Shoulders: 19" Length (BoC): 27.5"
@AlexJ1100 its a receipt for about 3 marks. Those stickers available?
All pertinent info can be found here: http://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/111785105797 Price is firm.
Just found this.
100% silk printed woman's overcoat with baller buttons Which are stamped
Anyone need a decent set of bookshelf speakers? If not, I'll probably part out the Altecs and keep the beautiful walnut cabinets Loro Piana 100% cash KEF C25 Altec Lansing 101
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