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Whatever you do, don't consign.Schwing!
Have decided to let this table go since I use my Thorens 100% of the time. Offering it here first. PM for more pics and details. Please no trades.
Love finding this stuff. Cousances 28 Dutch oven, Le Creuset 23 oval
funny -- literally the exact jacket I found a couple weeks ago. Congrats! wait really? i'll have to have mine tested -- will gladly cash in buttons and swap in some horn buttons.
Never thought I'd buy myself a lazy susan, but the work in this is amazing. Original 70s lava lamp lol
Mid century cactus table lamp. Def a keeper
v exciting find for personal use. v nice quality screenprinting.
Yep, that's me. Sulka robe was 100% cashmere outer and 100% silk lined, PJs were Charvet. Both have since been sold.The RL sofa, however, hasn't been and will never be.
New Posts  All Forums: