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Lol at this rate I'll have this first one filled by the end of next week.Anyway, here is today's best find.Handmade in Italy, burl veneer, dovetail joints and an insane retail price. Definitely one of the most expensive things I've ever thrifted.So beautiful
Idk what's going on around here guys but furniture is falling from the skies. Did not kop because ugly and missing leaf
Sorry about the PMs I owe people -- been busy moving furniture into the new storage unit. On my way to pick up on piece today and stopped in another store. The furniture finds continue. All I can say is...
Lol the RL is a definite keeper. Up until this point I've kept all the furniture, but I will probably put most of it (sans the RL) up for sale once I move it all into a storage unit.
I've expanded into extra rooms at relatives' houses. I think I'm at the point where I need a storage unit, though. I had to pass on a McGuire sofa the other day, but this Baker was too good a deal to pass up.
Baker dining table? Yes, please.
Cordovan ptb are my size
Also check this out 11 year kid out. I literally can't even
^amtique wooden bobbins. My parents use them as candlestick holders at their cabin
Idk about easy. There is a fuckton of [literally] violent competition.100% linen in lavender. Gonna let these sleeves out and embrace the extended shoulder/drape.
New Posts  All Forums: