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Thrift fit: Thorens TD-125 from Nataku Led Zeppelin IV from Goodwill Grado Reference Platinum from parents
Cartridge for a record player--the Thorens from Nataku, to be exact.YES. I can't wait to set it up in a little bit. Will post a "thrift fit" of it installed.
I think this present should answer that question. WOOOOOOOOOO MERRY CHRISTMAS BROSSS
CT shirts on sale from $30 with free shipping http://www.ctshirts.com/mens-shirts/view-all?q=share|||||||382,407,1862,||||||||&ppp=437&browse=Y#
Top stitch 😍
Haven't looked at it very closely yet but looks like pastels.
Been awhile since I found any LPs worth picking up. Unfortunately this was, I was told, only the leftovers. :/
Heh, saw the Avirex just before waking into a store and thought about how I've never found an Avirex worth picking up and this shows up. Also an original work by Irmaly Brackin for the gallery that seems to be growing by the day.
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