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Not super high end optically, but brass telescopes in general are definitely desirable for the look. A few years ago one I saw this exact model go at a local auction for over $600. Id expect to sell on CL or OfferUp for like 3-600.
Just picked up this sweet pearl rhythm traveler set for a song
original drawing of jafar by the original animator and a couple shoes in my size. good day.
Boris O'Klein
also been a minute since I've seen this label
My jaw literally dropped when I saw it while walking into the store.Thanks dude. Fwiw I usually only spend about 60 seconds in the art section flipping through until something catches my eye. Records i don't even bother with anymore unless they roll them out while I'm in the store. Last time that happened to me I got some seriously good ones, and literally 2 seconds after I walked away someone else swooped in and grabbed everything I passed on. Stupid hipsters.
PPU roughly $3
For the record Idc post whatever you want For those interested here's the full video of when esperanza joined the pups Sunday night
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