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bnwt Zegna Tory Burch
We soak our canvas before using it, because it does shrink. I would assume factory-made coats would have a canvas that's been pre-shrunk. I would put the coat on a mannequin while it dries--versus a hanger--so it keeps a good shape.
Yessir! Moots' special blend.Thanks! I want something maintenance-free I can use to explore but also use for a good workout, so I'm going to build it up as a singlespeed with a flat-bar and a fast-rolling cyclocross tire. Never really been into the traditional road biking drift formation.Yes. I'm pretty sure its a Vamoots, but there are a few odd things like a thicker-than-normal top tube that lead to believe it may have been one of their MTM frames. I will call Moots with...
(not true thrift but id definitely call it an e-thrift at the price I paid)
I also want the smug whale painting.
(Oh, are we only doing major cities?) New York, New York / Tristate (seriously, most of the surrounding "towns" are bigger than some of the cities lower on this list) Harrisburg, PA - Eh, I guess. Not that major though....(and not where my best thrifting is either) Baltimore MD, may be a better choice...about equidistant. (and still not where my best thrifting is) Wichita, Kansas -- population 350,000 nearest major City either Kansas City or Oklahoma...
Barely worn C&J handgrade w trees!!!! (Na) also collectible Playboy cover shirt They even named the last after me
Solid teak by Barlow Tyrie
Was unfortunately late to this party
Pretty sure Moscot is only available at their NY stores and online.Warby Parker should have a B&M somewhere near you.https://m.warbyparker.com/eyeglasses/men/begley/whiskey-tortoiseDunno if they still make that model. Check LensCrafters, too. They had a pair by Giorgio Armani that were similar, but in eyeglasses.
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