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Fantastic shoes, fantastic price. Brand new with box. Shoes have been tried on and show slight wear on sole from being tried on.
One guy used to yell at employees, customers, and anyone that got in his way. He'd complain when the racks were stuffed too tightly and he couldn't look at the labels, or if the racks were too empty. He finally was banned when he pushed a lady over to get to a lamp first. the police were called but he ran out before they came. The best part? This dude was on welfare/disability and sold to other locals for a quick, unreported cash return.There are some stores in bad areas...
You guys are spoiled. Every decent store here has violent vultures, hovering until a new rack or cart is rolled out.
Original 1935 movie poster, mid century Emeco office chair
I'm sure it is stunning, but I'd search for a complete set in blue to be more practical. That way you have something classic & correct, with a coat that can be paired with cream if you travel somewhere tropical, or paired with tartan trousers if you attend a fall wedding. RL for many seasons made a blackwatch trouser with a silk stripe down the side. After TF's dressing Bond in a navy tux, there was a sudden spike in designers producing navy tuxes, so with a little...
Sorry - should have been more clear. If it's a navy tux--as opposed to an odd jacket as above--it's just as correct as a black tux.You'll find plenty of pedants here who will insist only a classic tux should be worn to any black tie or even black tie optional event, but on average no one will care. Wear what you like and what you're confident in.
See bolded comments. It's more important to consider who you are and the event you're dressing for than the old "rules." For example, if you're a young lawyer eager to impress the partners at a party, don't show up in the all-velvet Borrelli--it'll be much more impressive to show restraint and dress in classically-correct tux.
I guess passed lots get donated https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/42137375_robert-palusky-sculpture works for me
2x Michael Lax design, gucci 1stdibs is so ridiculous
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