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Brideshead Revisited- the TV series with Jeremy Irons and Anthony Andrews
Quote: Originally Posted by KtownGreg Common classic with unique twist Beautiful!
I've always admired this photo of Douglas Fairbanks. I hope I can be this stylish at his age. I especially love the trousers he is wearing and want to have my tailor make me a pair in a similar material. Judging by the sheen on the thighs, I thought they might be velvet or moleskin. Anyone know of a book from one of the mills that may have something similar to this? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sterling Gillette Beautiful! Who is the maker?
Quote: Originally Posted by theyare Sweet!
Quote: Originally Posted by Vladuca Indeed! Only concern is fit... I'm a 36S. How cold can u go with this one? (w/ layers of course) I am a 36S too. "How cold..." really depends on you. I can wear this with a thin wool sweater underneath and be fine in 40 deg temps. A2s were not designed for extreme cold temps. This is a great fall/spring and early winter jacket.
Yes, the jacket is still for sale.
This guy just tries way too hard and looks ridiculous.
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