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Just added this beauty to my collection.... Here's his younger brother on a braided Nato...
Thanks CG, I called up Huddersfield and they are sending me a swatch. I also thought of Minnis, since I've had other bespoke trousers made form their flannel. But I thought that they went out of business. Glad to know that they are still making great flannels.
I'd like to have my tailor make me a pair of heavyweight (13+ oz) flannel trousers this fall in an airforce/postman blue color. However, I've had no luck finding any books with a flannel of this color. Any suggestions? Thanks.
So, has anyone used Dege and can speak about there house style, service, and quality?
Yes, a great improvement over their old site. IMO, Huntsman and A&S have the best sites so far.
AE Westchester
Quote: Originally Posted by dernsaw Those of us in the military, or know someone, with access to AAFES. Code xi237vip gives $50 off an order of $200 or more, letting me pick up a pair of Strands for $150. I just tried this code online and it doesn't work. Can you confirm that its the correct code?
Want to pick up a pair of loafers from Allen Edmonds and was wondering if there was a promo code floating around. Thanks!
Flat Head 3005
Any plans to make a pink gingham?
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