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So, has anyone used Dege and can speak about there house style, service, and quality?
Yes, a great improvement over their old site. IMO, Huntsman and A&S have the best sites so far.
AE Westchester
Quote: Originally Posted by dernsaw Those of us in the military, or know someone, with access to AAFES. Code xi237vip gives $50 off an order of $200 or more, letting me pick up a pair of Strands for $150. I just tried this code online and it doesn't work. Can you confirm that its the correct code?
Want to pick up a pair of loafers from Allen Edmonds and was wondering if there was a promo code floating around. Thanks!
Flat Head 3005
Any plans to make a pink gingham?
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay +3. I hate seeing big oversized watches, dress watches in particular. +4!! 34mm is ideal for me. The largest watch I own is an Omega Railmaster "midsize" which is 36.2mm. My Air King is 34mm and so is my JLC Master Control Ultrathin.
This may be a rediculous question, but does Panerai make a "normal" size watch- less than 39mm?
Quote: Originally Posted by Slewfoot Sammy - fantastic stuff! I love that style of shoe as the EG Oundle is one of my favorite RTW models. Wear them well! Thank you, Slewfoot. Yes, the shoes were inspired by the Oundle, which is one my favorite models as well.
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