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Which retailers provide the best price and service? Thinking of ordering the Lachlan boot.
Gents, I have a formal event coming up in the spring of next year (my 40th birthday) and require a proper dinner jacket. I initially thought of going bespoke but considering how infrequently I would wear a tux, it might be more economical to go MTM. As far as style, I'd like a shawl collar DB in midnight blue barathea. The two obvious names that come to mind for MTM are Ralph and Brooks. Which of these two would you all recommend? What other MTM or custom retailers should...
Just added this beauty to my collection.... Here's his younger brother on a braided Nato...
Thanks CG, I called up Huddersfield and they are sending me a swatch. I also thought of Minnis, since I've had other bespoke trousers made form their flannel. But I thought that they went out of business. Glad to know that they are still making great flannels.
I'd like to have my tailor make me a pair of heavyweight (13+ oz) flannel trousers this fall in an airforce/postman blue color. However, I've had no luck finding any books with a flannel of this color. Any suggestions? Thanks.
So, has anyone used Dege and can speak about there house style, service, and quality?
Yes, a great improvement over their old site. IMO, Huntsman and A&S have the best sites so far.
AE Westchester
Quote: Originally Posted by dernsaw Those of us in the military, or know someone, with access to AAFES. Code xi237vip gives $50 off an order of $200 or more, letting me pick up a pair of Strands for $150. I just tried this code online and it doesn't work. Can you confirm that its the correct code?
Want to pick up a pair of loafers from Allen Edmonds and was wondering if there was a promo code floating around. Thanks!
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