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Root beer GMT on shell cordovan nato...
BUMP. Newbury still available.
Will do but why should the LWB fit differently than other Barrie lasted shoes? I have the suede blucher on the Barrie and it fits me just fine.
Thanks for the feedback everyone. Just to clarify, I'm referring to the NST shoe, and not the boot. Here is a link to the shoe: http://www.alden-of-carmel.com/Shoes-Shell_Cordovan_Norwegian_Front_238.htm They are currently available for pre-orer for and October delivery. The Aberdeen last does not suit my foot- the toebox is a bit narrow for me. Personally, I think the NST style looks better on the Plaza than the Aberdeen last.
Gentlemen, I'm trying to decide on my next pair of Aldens. I'm torn between two models: 975( longwing blucher in #8) or a special make up for J Gilbet (NST on the Plaza last in #8 with single flex welt sole). My style is more casual as I'm usually in jeans or chinos. I think the 975 is more casual due to the rounded toe of the Barrie last and the double leather sole. However I'm leaning towards the NST on the Plaza because it is more unique and less ubiquitous than the...
Here is a beautiful gently used Ghurka Cavalier I leather duffle bag with shoulder strap in chestnut color. The bag measures 18x10x9 (inches) as described on Ghurkas website. The bag is in excellent condition with no tears or stains and the leather has started to develop a wonderful patina. A new Cavalier I will cost you almost $1000. Grab this one and save a bundle! The price includes USPS shipping to anywhere in the US. Sale is final so ask any questions beforehand....
For sale is a beautiful and rare pair of Alden captoe balmoral brogues. These were a special make-up for Leather Soul. They have been worn only a handful of times and are in excellent condition. They are color #8- a dark, rich burgundy. They are on the Plaza last and are a US size 7D. The price includes shoe trees and USPS first class shipping to anywhere in the US. Payment is by Paypal. Sale is final so please ask any questions before purchasing. This model sold out...
Chelsea is SOLD. Newbury still available.
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