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It seems that the last will make or break the fit for you. I wear a 7.5 D in most US sizes but when I ordered my EGs at the recent trunk show, I dropped down to a 6.5 and out to an E width on the 82 last. I could fill out the D width fine, but the elongated shape of the 82 left too much room in the toe and my heel slipped out a bit. So, the width was fine, but the length was too long. That's why it was recommended that I go down a half size and out to an E, since the D...
I too have the JL Borders in both Black and Dark Brown. Nice shoe!
Looking for some online sources where I can view fabric swatches. I've checked out Holland and Sherry's site and am looking for other sites that show swatch pictures and fabric details. Thanks!
I made three purchases: 1. Oundle- 82 last, burnt pine 2. Newbury- 808 or 888 (I left if up to Hillary to determine which was best for my foot), no medallion, dark oak. 3. Southwold-808 or 888 (same as above), edwardian I was great meeting some of the DC SF members. Lots of fun!
Thoughts on this shoe-fit,style, comfort, construction? Thanks!
I'm in a similar position as Thinman. For my first pair of MTO EGs, I'm going with the Newbury without the medallion, 4 eyelets, 82 last, heavily antiqued burnt pine. I'm open to suggestions.
Which of EG's lasts work best for flat feet? I really like the look of the 82.
Aportnoy, What do you think about getting the Newbury with either 3 or 4 eyelets instead of 5? I think the fewer eyelets add to the minimalist look of the shoe. It reminds me of a pair of wholecut Berultis I saw a while ago that really struck me. However, a lot of people don't seem to like just 3 eyelets for some reason. Am I pushing the envelope by reducing the number of eyelets? Would this throw off the look and fit of the shoe? Thanks again!
I'll be there. I'm planning on getting the Newbury without the medallion and possibly with four eyelets instead of five on the 82 last in either antique burgundy or antique burnt pine. My other choice is the Oundle on the same last and color choice. What do you all recommend? I was told by Sky Valet that the prices will be the same as last time.
Wear a dark suit (navy or charcoal), white shirt, bow tie (dark color and/or pattern, not black) and white pocket square. That should be formale enough for your needs while not making you rent a tux.
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