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Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy I wholeheartedly support medwards suggestion. I recently had a pair of the Newbury made up in antique burgundy and they are exquisitie. Aportnoy, Would you mind posting a picture of your Newburys? Thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by medwards sammy: I won't re-iterate my suggestion about the formality and flexibility of dark oak which I have posted on another forum, but I would add that burgundy -- one of your original options -- is really worth considering. I have a pair of the new Molton four eyelet derbys in antique burgundy and the colour and finish are exceptional. Medwards, I will seriously consider burgundy; which is one of my favorite...
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 Sammy (per your request for Imageshack) : Thank you kind sir! The picture is very helpful.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser Burnt pine with extra antiquing. That's the color of the Holcots I ordered from the previous Sky Valet trunk show. I have no digital camera, but will likely wear them to the trunk show on Saturday. I was thinking the same thing. Heavy antiquing should give me the darkness for more formal/evening wear while the light color serves the other function. Hope to see you at the trunk show. Thanks!
In preparation for the upcoming Edward Green trunk show at Sky Valet, I'm deciding which color to order my first pair of MTO shoes. It will most likely be the Newbury without a medallion on the toe on the 82 last. I've narrowed it down to four choices: Dark Oak, Burnt Pine, Chesnut, or Burgundy; all antiqued. I'm looking for a color that's dark enough to wear in the evening with a dark suit but also light enough to wear with lighter colored suits and trousers during the...
Anybody have experience with him? I spoke to John today, who seems like a nice guy. He's sending me some swatches. What is the average price for one tie?
What do you all think of these loafers? I like the shape and color very much. They retail for about $500 at Norstrom. Is this a good price for these shoes? The description says "Bologna Construction". What does this mean? How does this differ from Goodyear constructions? What is the fit like? Thanks! http://www.santonishoesusa.com/Image...en_Rust_Lg.jpg
You may want to consider their MTM program- The Art of the Trench. I rencently ordered one in the style you're looking for. My coat is as follows: -double breasted with belt and buttoned flap on front shoulder -shorter length just past the knees -navy blue color -blue burberry check underneath collar and inside coat -red wool liner (detachable) -navy blue wool collar liner (detachable)
I just got my Weymouths from Plal yesterday and was very excited to try them on. But to my dismay, they feel about a half size too big. After talking with Shyam of Plal, and reading other threads about the 337 last, I ordered a full size smaller than what I normally wear. Since I wear a US 7.5 D, I ordered a UK 6.5E. However, My heel slips out a bit when I step and there is a good 2 inches of space between my big toe and the end of the toe box. I understand that there is...
I'm assuming that the C&J Hanovers can be purchased directly from C&J in London. Is that correct? Approximately, what would the price be for these? I just ordered the Weymouths from Plal. If they fit well, then I may get the Hanovers as well. There is another C&J wholecut called the "Alex" that I saw on their French website. I don't know if its handgrade or not.
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