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Quote: Originally Posted by jml90 I'd wear some red socks and a matching pocket square Good Call! Very Dandified!
Quote: Originally Posted by Soph I'll start with the classic: 2. Black Persols Tortoise Persols!
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher Good Lord, that should be included in the Maestro Sartorius final examination! I'd go with a solid, or at very most a tie with a very tiny and very sparse pattern (like wide-spaced pindots). I'd choose a color that complements both, like a mild, mid-green, or perhaps a dusty yellow (?). Ditto.
It seems that the last will make or break the fit for you. I wear a 7.5 D in most US sizes but when I ordered my EGs at the recent trunk show, I dropped down to a 6.5 and out to an E width on the 82 last. I could fill out the D width fine, but the elongated shape of the 82 left too much room in the toe and my heel slipped out a bit. So, the width was fine, but the length was too long. That's why it was recommended that I go down a half size and out to an E, since the D...
I too have the JL Borders in both Black and Dark Brown. Nice shoe!
Looking for some online sources where I can view fabric swatches. I've checked out Holland and Sherry's site and am looking for other sites that show swatch pictures and fabric details. Thanks!
I made three purchases: 1. Oundle- 82 last, burnt pine 2. Newbury- 808 or 888 (I left if up to Hillary to determine which was best for my foot), no medallion, dark oak. 3. Southwold-808 or 888 (same as above), edwardian I was great meeting some of the DC SF members. Lots of fun!
Thoughts on this shoe-fit,style, comfort, construction? Thanks!
I'm in a similar position as Thinman. For my first pair of MTO EGs, I'm going with the Newbury without the medallion, 4 eyelets, 82 last, heavily antiqued burnt pine. I'm open to suggestions.
Which of EG's lasts work best for flat feet? I really like the look of the 82.
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