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Where do you all buy your slim ties? All of the ties I've seen are at least 3.5 or 3.75? I prefer 3.25" myself.
First, I would reduce the amount of black you have in your wardrobe. Save it for the night clubs and funerals. Get yourself a navy blue blazer; a staple in any well dressed gentleman's closet. You can swap out the traditional gold buttons for horn ones if you don't like them. Next, a pair of black cap toe oxfords, and a pair of brown derbies. You can find good deals on quality brands like Allen Edmonds on eBay and Sierra Trading Post. At least one tie; perhaps burgundy to...
I think it could also work with a pearl grey summer suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by callen This is for my wedding. I am trying for a very traditional look. My basic plan is black tux, white custom fit tuxedo shirt, black bow tie, cumberbun, pants with no cuffs, and a white piece of linen. One last question. Do I need to wear (rent) patent shoes. I don't like them, I own a pair of Alan Edmunds Park Ave shoes that I usually just polish very well. Thoughts? Swap out the cummerbund for a vest.
The jacket seems to have more shape than what I expected from an A&S one. But that may just be due to the way its pinned on the mannequin. Very dapper.
Quote: Originally Posted by jml90 I'd wear some red socks and a matching pocket square Good Call! Very Dandified!
Quote: Originally Posted by Soph I'll start with the classic: 2. Black Persols Tortoise Persols!
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher Good Lord, that should be included in the Maestro Sartorius final examination! I'd go with a solid, or at very most a tie with a very tiny and very sparse pattern (like wide-spaced pindots). I'd choose a color that complements both, like a mild, mid-green, or perhaps a dusty yellow (?). Ditto.
It seems that the last will make or break the fit for you. I wear a 7.5 D in most US sizes but when I ordered my EGs at the recent trunk show, I dropped down to a 6.5 and out to an E width on the 82 last. I could fill out the D width fine, but the elongated shape of the 82 left too much room in the toe and my heel slipped out a bit. So, the width was fine, but the length was too long. That's why it was recommended that I go down a half size and out to an E, since the D...
I too have the JL Borders in both Black and Dark Brown. Nice shoe!
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