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I use Field Tailors on Wisconsin Ave. They are the best in the area. C&Y looks more like an alterations shop than a bespoke tailor.
Yes, I too would choose a different tie. The shirt also seems a bit too formal for the jacket. Either go with a solid or very subtle check shirt and a lighter tie to bring out the blue windowpane in your jacket. Don't forget a pocket square! Like the jacket very much!
LV has gone Ghetto Fabulous!!! What a shame!
What is the fit like on RM Williams' boots? Are they true to size like a dress shoe are do they run bigger/smaller? Should you order the same size you would normally wear?
Just ordered the Chelsea in black on 888!
How do you all normally place your orders? Is it safe to do so through email?
Anyone seen the Chelsea in black on the 888 last? Is this a good combo?
Where can I get a Macclesfied tie?
Where do you all buy your slim ties? All of the ties I've seen are at least 3.5 or 3.75? I prefer 3.25" myself.
First, I would reduce the amount of black you have in your wardrobe. Save it for the night clubs and funerals. Get yourself a navy blue blazer; a staple in any well dressed gentleman's closet. You can swap out the traditional gold buttons for horn ones if you don't like them. Next, a pair of black cap toe oxfords, and a pair of brown derbies. You can find good deals on quality brands like Allen Edmonds on eBay and Sierra Trading Post. At least one tie; perhaps burgundy to...
New Posts  All Forums: