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I have always admired guys who can wear DB suits. Since I am 5'6", I have always shied away from DBs thinking that they can only be worn successfully by taller men. But since the Duke and Fred Astaire were about my height and were fans of the DB suit, I'm starting to change my opinion.
Looking to pic up one of these for the fall. I have the Bedale, which I like very much, and wanted to get another Barbour for variety. Anyone own either one of these and could speak about their fit and comfort? Thanks. The International Jacket (Like the Belstaff Trailmaster): The Cowen Commando: I'm partial to the International. Your thoughts?
GQ has gone down the sartorial toilet. Flush!
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik After they produce your first last, how much is it for the following shoes? This is Made To Order (MTO) NOT bespoke. In MTO, there is no individual last made to your measurements. You choose from their prexisting lasts. Therefore, the price does not change from one order to the next. I believe this is also true for bespoke. Though the turn around time may be shorter for subsequent orders once they have your...
My next EG MTO will most likely be one or two of the following: Holborn (2 eyelet derby) in tobacco suede on 82 last Bamford (wholecut loafer) without medallion in chesnut on 101 last Ladbroke (oxford) in burgundy on 82 last Westminster (double buckle monk), in chesnut or burgundy on 82 last
I stuff a small amount of tissue to keep mine from falling.
Given your size, I'd go for a 6 button double breasted with a ticket pocket, side vents, and single reverse pleat trousers with braces. Go for a more military silhouette, a la Dege or Huntsman, with a suppressed waist and set shoulders. If this is going to be a special occasion suit, then you might opt for a material like sharkskin in navy or charcoal that has a little sheen and pizaz.
I use Field here in DC. Highly recommended.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Field Custom Tailor measures and fits custom shirts made by Geneva Custom Shirts in NYC. Geneva is one of the best. Field is at Wisconsin Ave and R Street, just south of the Social Safeway. I get my bespoke shirts at Field/Geneva. I've been very pleased. Field is on Wisconsin Ave, just north of Georgetown.
The London Lounge's home page has a photo of Gary Cooper wearing a Macclesfield tie: BTW, I've been looking for one but with no luck. Where is a good source for Macclesfield ties, especially the black n white kind?
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