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What do you all think about the chukka on the barrie last with double water lock sole in natty cxl? Would this be a versatile all around boot?
I just placed my order with White's for the SDs in natural cxl . Here are the details: Leather: Natural Chrome Excel Last: Standard Hardware: Antique eyes and hooks Midsole: Single leather midsole Outsole: Composition half sole Heel: Standard heel Lining (yes): Cream color Edge Stain: Natural Sole Stitching: Single Row, Close Trim Toe Cap: None Toe Box: Standard Toe Pull Loops: No And now for the agonizing wait...
Alright guys, its a toss up between natty cxl and british tan for my next pair of SDs. What's your vote?
Thanks for the feedback. If I go with natural cxl, then I will get them lined. I don't mind the marks and such. I actually want the boots to mark up and get a nice brown patina. That's my reason for choosing cxl. The pics I've seen of other broken in natty cxl look great. My other choice would be British Tan.
Guys, I'm thinking about my next pair of semi-dress boots. I'm leaning towards the natural chrome excel. However, some folks have said that cxl tends to stretch. Therefore, do you recommend that I get them lined or unlined. Will lining them reduce the stretch? Thanks.
Guys, I'm debating between the Plain Toe Boot on the Barrie with a double waterlocked sole or the Indy boot. Both would be in natural cxl. Which would you recommend?
I stopped by the Georgetown (DC) Billy Reid store the other day and spoke at length to their sales director about their MTM program. He told me that after taking measurements at the store, they send them to the factory where an actual paper pattern is made for you. Unlike most MTM programs, they don't have any style books or preset patterns from which to choose. "The sky is the limit," I was told. They let the customer decide exactly what he wants and create a custom suit...
Fresh out of the box... Alden x Leffot saddle oxfords on the barrie last. Color 8 shell and Alpine grain.
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