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Fresh out of the box... Alden x Leffot saddle oxfords on the barrie last. Color 8 shell and Alpine grain.
Here is a near mint Rolex Air king 114200 with M serial number looking for a new home. I purchased this beauty from a local AD and just had it serviced last week. Watch does not appear to have any visible scratches or marks as inspected to the best of my ability. It comes complete with everything shown in the photos: Inner and outer box Warranty card and all booklets Polishing cloth Extra two links that were removed to shorten the bracelet. Price: $3200 USD includes...
Root beer GMT on shell cordovan nato...
BUMP. Newbury still available.
Will do but why should the LWB fit differently than other Barrie lasted shoes? I have the suede blucher on the Barrie and it fits me just fine.
Thanks for the feedback everyone. Just to clarify, I'm referring to the NST shoe, and not the boot. Here is a link to the shoe: http://www.alden-of-carmel.com/Shoes-Shell_Cordovan_Norwegian_Front_238.htm They are currently available for pre-orer for and October delivery. The Aberdeen last does not suit my foot- the toebox is a bit narrow for me. Personally, I think the NST style looks better on the Plaza than the Aberdeen last.
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