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Ben, When are you going roll out the full canvas jackets? I have two of your Napoli jackets in 36S and am interested in picking up some more. Also, will you be doing any in a heavy tweed?
Please, NO skinny lapels! Stick to the classics proportions that you already have on your Classico and Napoli models. Open patch pockets are my preference. Hopefully the new jackets will be full canvas. Also, I'd like to see some heavier tweed fabrics.
Ok, guys. I need your help with sizing. I'm considering buying the Redford suede jacket but am concerned about the shoulder measurement. I would be a 38 in this jacket based on the chest and length measurements. However, the shoulder measurement of 18" on a 38 is 1/2 inch larger than what my other sport coats measure. I normally wear a 36 short but need to size up in the Redford to a 38 for the chest. So, would the extra 1/2 inch across the shoulder throw off the fit? I'd...
Guys, I'm debating between the brown CXL beef rolls or a a pair in caramel shell. What say ye? Which is more versatile and easier to pair with jeans, khakis, etc. What other color/material would you all recommend? Pics of your beef roll pennys would be great! Thanks!
Any chance of adding a Napoli style blazer to the Benjamin line?
Here is a beautiful vintage Omega Dynamic watch fro the early 70s. It is in excellent condition and was recently serviced by Omega Authorized watch repair shop. The hesalite crystal was replaced with a new OEM Omega crystal (the small Omega symbol is in the center of the crystal) as was the stem. The strap was custom made out of genuine shell cordovan leather and is a copy of the original synthetic strap but with a slightly shorter length to accommodate smaller wrists. It...
These shoes really don't need any introduction. They are about as classic and timeless as it gets. Here is a beautiful and well maintained pair of Alden color #8 shell cordovan longings (975s) in size 6.5D on the Barrie last. They will fit you if you normally wear a size 7D as the Barrie last tends to run a half size larger than one's normal size. These have been lovingly taken care of and maintained. The leather is starting to show a rich amber patina as can be seen in...
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