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Ectons in burnt pine
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba Some really amazing stuff here. How well do you guys like your Air Kings? The value seems to be held quite well. I love mine. Its my everyday workhorse watch. I especially like the fact that it's 34mm- small, stealthy and understated. Anything over 36mm looks too big on my wrist. I have a mid-size Omega Railmaster on order with my AD. I'll post pics in the Watch Porn thread when I get it.
Air King...
I wear a 6.5 G in the Craftsman. Should I get the same size in the Macquarie?
Just got my laptop brief (same as Srivats' and Dob's) from M-W traveler yesterday. It's a beauty!
RM Williams boots
I ordered the same M-W bag and should be getting it next week. Can't wait!
Yes, I also received my invite from Cleverley in the mail yesterday. But I think Everard's is an odd place for Cleverley to have a trunk show. Everards is a haberdasher that sells rather over priced, fashion-forward clothing. I don't think that the clientele that patrons Everard's would also purchase bespoke shoes. Nonetheless, I plan to go. Medwards, I hope to see you there.
Louis Vuitton. Also because I don't like it.
Very nice Srivats! Congrats! I am actually considering purchasing this same bag. How is the overall weight? Do you find the bag to be heavy due to the horsehide? Also, can the straps be tightened to reduce the width of the bag when its not full? Can you post a picture of the back of the bag as well?
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