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Yes. Just bought a pair in snuff suede myself. The salesperson at the store sprayed mine with a stain guard.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thurston Yes, perfectly, in my experience. Yes, the fit is pretty true. They are a bit snug though at first. But since they are unlined, they will give and mold to your feet. My RM Williams use to be my most comfortable boots. But these chukkas trump RM in terms of comfort. They almost feel like slippers. I see another pair in light tan in my near future.
Just picked up these Alden chukkas in snuff suede...
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 Cross post, suede Aldens again. Hate to put them away after Labor Day but just won't work for me in a F/W setting. Very nice! Which Alden model is this?
Make new friends.
Anyone have experience with the Willow, Latego or Distressed hides? Looking for something heavier and more durable than Yearling.
Where can you buy St. Andrews own suits; not RLPL or other designer brands?
Does RM Williams make cordovan boots? I have two pairs of craftsmen in yearling (chestnut and whiskey) but find that they are easily scratched. I'd like to order a pair of Stockmans but in a thicker and more durable hide. Any suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum I imagine a knit tie might look a bit strange with one of those contrast-collar shirts, the tie being more casual and the shirt being more formal? +1 Knit tie with contrast collars does not work. Neither here nor there.
Don't like the mirror coating. I wouldn't pay the RL premium for aviators. I have two pairs- one from American Optical and the other form Randolph Engineering. They are the real deal.
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