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Quote: Originally Posted by amplifiedheat Tightness is not acceptable. Remember, waist suppression is possible without even a hint of tightness: +1
Does the Royal Oak come in a midsize (<36mm)?
I would take the Explorer I over the Submariner any day. It's classic, understated and stealthy compared to the ubiquitous Submariner that screams, "Look, I'm wearing a Rolex!" I was also considering an Explorer I but ultimately chose the Air King for its smaller, 34mm diameter and more modern components and bracelet.
Parkway Cleaners on Connecticut Ave. They are the best.
Just ordered the Blaxlands in Chestnut from Nungar. ; much cheaper the the NYC store
Finally got my bespoke Cleverley's. Oxblood calf.....
Anyone used Chelsea Leather Food?
I think J crew has one that might work for you. Its a bit over your budget, but it will most likely go on sale http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Browse/Mens...7353/17353.jsp As a rider, I find it amusing to see non-riders wearing motorcycle jackets.
Yes. Just bought a pair in snuff suede myself. The salesperson at the store sprayed mine with a stain guard.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thurston Yes, perfectly, in my experience. Yes, the fit is pretty true. They are a bit snug though at first. But since they are unlined, they will give and mold to your feet. My RM Williams use to be my most comfortable boots. But these chukkas trump RM in terms of comfort. They almost feel like slippers. I see another pair in light tan in my near future.
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