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Yes, I also received my invite from Cleverley in the mail yesterday. But I think Everard's is an odd place for Cleverley to have a trunk show. Everards is a haberdasher that sells rather over priced, fashion-forward clothing. I don't think that the clientele that patrons Everard's would also purchase bespoke shoes. Nonetheless, I plan to go. Medwards, I hope to see you there.
Louis Vuitton. Also because I don't like it.
Very nice Srivats! Congrats! I am actually considering purchasing this same bag. How is the overall weight? Do you find the bag to be heavy due to the horsehide? Also, can the straps be tightened to reduce the width of the bag when its not full? Can you post a picture of the back of the bag as well?
Trini, Looks good. I've been considering a Launer wallet myself. Which side are you wearing it in the photo- pocket square side or other side?
I thought Fred was a client of Cleverley.
On second thought, I may go for this De Ville Co-Axial GMT Midsize instead of the Seamaster in my earlier post: Anyone own this and would be kind enough to provide a wrist shot? Does the De Ville line have in house movements?
Thinking of getting the Seamaster Aqua terra midsize chronometer as a daily beater to rotate with my Air King. Does this come with a deployant or tang buckle? I would prefer a deployant one. What do you think, black or blue dial?:
What book and swatch number is this one from?
Quote: Originally Posted by kuwisdelu No. Fully line the flannel. Half/quarter-lining is for warmer-weather suits when you want as much breathability (and as little fabric as possible) between you and the outside world. A flannel is for cold-weather wear, and there is no practical reason to have it half-lined. Have it fully lined. +1. Unlined flannel will also wear out much faster than lined. The lining will also add some shape and weigh...
My understanding is that bench made is a step below handgrade/handmade. The shoe may be finished by hand but the majority of the construction is done by machine.
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