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Matthew, Nice blog. I've always loved the Huntsman silhouette. Any plans to visit Washington DC when you come to NY?
That looks like an Indian Scout; like the one Brad Pitt rode in Benjamin Button.
Quote: let's stretch! Let's crack! Oh, snap!
Quote: Originally Posted by ivormiric 21st present from Mum, took me months to find a decent brand and something I actually liked, so hard finding a nice classic watch without 100 thousand dials and that's not 2cm thick that's as big as a small saucepan! Good choice, ivormiric! Although, I am biased...
Quote: Originally Posted by CutandSew The DB suit never really went away. +1
Yes, I do have a small wrist- 6.5" around. Anything bigger than 36mm just looks silly on me. Im also not a fan of the big bling watch craze. I prefer to wear my watches rather than them wearing me. The watch may appear larger than 36mm due to the zoom on the camera.
Omega Railmaster mid-size 36mm
JLC, but I'm biased. Master Control Ultra Thin, 34mm
Hell yes, there are worth it! I own Lobbs, EGs, C&Js and other high end RTW shoes and the fit and feel of a pair of bespoke shoes is unmatched. I have very narrow heels and wide front feet and always had problems with the heel slipping or my toes being pinched, even when using a tongue pad. For me, bespoke was the only other option. I don't see any point in spending a lot of money on high end RTW if the fit isn't right. You will notice and appreciate the difference...
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